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Thread: MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net (4/15/2013)

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    MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net (4/15/2013)

    About the S.D.C.C. '13 exclusive figure, will it be a very popular character of the M.o.t.U. universe? Like Queen Marlena and Orko/Adam, or it will be a not so popular character like Vykron is.

    You will just need to wait and see. No hints yet.

    You have recently commented that Scareglow's relic (I suppose you're refering to the key), will be used to open a Castle Graskull playset's backdoor but... Is it useful for something else apart than keeping the backdoor key? Does it have any other magical skill? What's its origin and how did it end up in Scareglow's hands?

    For the full details, check out Scareglow's bio!

    In Demo-Man's bio was defined and stated Keldor/Skeletor's story more than Demo-Man's own story, that's why we would like to know more about him, for example; what's his homeworld? Who was he in his world? What was his relationship with Hordak? And the reason why the Evil Horde's leader trusted this demon to control Skeletor.

    He was a wayward spirit from Despondos that Hordak kept imprisoned should he have use for him one day (Hordak being obsessed with magic and its possibilities). When Keldor came to Hordak's hidden temple in need of medical attention, Hordak merged Demo-Man with Skeletor to both save Keldor's life, increase Skeletor's power and force Keldor/Skeletor to be indebted to him. Demo-Man's merger with Skeletor was basically his most important moment in the lore and hence the focus in the bio. Before this event, Demo-Man was simply a captured demon in a bottle kept on Hordak's shelf in Despondos waiting a time he might be useful to the Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde. During Keldor's injury, Hordak found a use for this particular demon in his collection and sent him to Eternia to merge with Keldor.

    What Demo Man was up to in Despondos before he was captured by Hordak and stored in a jar is a story yet to be told!

    Q: Recently you had stated you had asked the packaging department to look at “easy open solutions” for taking Castle Grayskull out of the box. Can you give any examples of how this could be done to safely remove the Castle from the packaging? Ex: The box could fold down from the front cover.

    A: We don’t have a specific answer to this yet, but we are looking into ways to make the box simple to open and close without tearing it.

    Q: What material is Batros’ wings made of?

    A: PVC plastic.

    Q: The early access Strobo sale was a nightmare for many Club Eternia members. Would it be possible to offer him again through early access sooner rather than later?

    A: Strobo will be available at our traveling conventions in 2013 with a small portion also available on at the end of the year just like TOD Sorceress was. The EA sale in March was a small bonus above and beyond what we did last year with TOD Sorceress to reward some sub holders with the fig early.

    Q: Are there any plans to email subscribers for Club Eternia and Infinite Earths new reveals the months leading up to SDCC?

    A: There will be some reveals early for sub holders, but details are sketchy right now on when and what!

    Q: I am really looking forward to getting the Batman figure with MOTUC shared parts. If this figure does well enough, would Mattel be willing to give other characters like Doomsday, Martian Manhunter, and others shared parts?

    A: Batman actually is almost a fully tool’d figure. He does use the upper arms and mid legs from the MOTU buck, but that is all. If there are other characters that would benefit from these arms and mid legs we certainly could look into that, but for the most part the full MOTU “buck” is reserved for MOTU figs to make them a little larger compared to a standard 6″ fig just as the vintage figs were a bit bigger.

    Round 11 answers
    Marvelous0ne ask: With the leaked images of Castle Grayskull out. Many are not happy with the size of the jaw bridge. And rightfully so since you can't even fit a figure through like we were told we would be. Can this issue be fixed before production is started? We just want to make this perfect!

    Matty:Yes, we are actively working to see if we can sink the Jaw Bridge down a bit. Once we have an update we will let fans know!

    Crusader asks: Is there a way for separately purchased subscriptions to ship separately instead of automatically combining them? Combining them costs us international fans more money in the end because of taxes and custom fees.

    Matty:We understand this and are always looking into options and one of those is to let international fans uncombine. Stay tuned if this is possible.

    rock.vivien ask: With the "Straight Vintage 2014" coming, is there still any chance to get the Unnamed One, the Black Wizard and LightHope in the motuc line? I want to know their looks and their stories! I love new characters.

    Matty: To clarify, 2014 will not be straight vintage. It will be straight fan requests for a complete line which will also include some slots for areas outside of "vintage toys". While we want to get to all the vintage figs by the end of 2015, it won't be the only area to get figures!

    Round 12
    neilos28 asks: With allot of collectors complaining about one off shown pop characters being among est the motuc line will we ever see entrata be made?people say entrapta isn't a good enough character to make when in fact she was the horde teams weapon maker,trap maker and vehicle deshighner.without this long haired sly shushkar babe the horde would of been toast....

    Matty:Entrapa, as a vintage figure, is a character we hope to get to by the end of 2015.

    DO4M ask:Are there any plans to release Diorama pieces for places that wouldn't warrant a full playset like Castle Grayskull or Snake Mountain? Thinking more along the lines of the Whispering Woods Rebel Camp, the Faceless One's place on Zalesia, or Light Hope's Chamber just to name a few.

    Matty:No, we don't have plans right now but nothing is off the table.

    Arthur asks: The Filmation sub was such an amazing idea! Any insight on how the figures that are included were chosen to be part of it?

    Matty:It was a combination of fan requests, personal favorites from the team, and really looking at who would translate well into a toy. We also looked a lot at whom has been done as custom figures. If a characters is loved enough to motivate fans to make their own figure, that is a good sign the figure should get slotted in if possible!

    Domingo.Hernandez.71 asks: Hello! Is Strobo going to be available at toy tokio like Tods was offered last year?

    Matty: No, not this year. TOD Sorceress was available at Toy Tokyo due to the 30th art show. That was a one year thing for the anniversary.
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