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I was thinking about Demo-Man today. () Did Keldor's personality really change when he was "merged" with this other person? Not really. He may have become a little more un-glued, but gaining a skull-face is enough for that.
I say it was Demo-Man's POWER which Skeletor merged with. Demo-Man himself may be still out there and trying to get it back. That's a much more interesting story to me.
I am a huge fan of the “Class of” fan fiction stuff that Veebs and the guys did at The Fwoosh and they have a really interesting take on Demo-Man that I liked so much I have adopted it for the character in my inner musings about the mythos. If you haven’t read the feature I am talking about you really should. Demo-Man is this raw uncaged and unstoppable primal demon beast that Keldor is merged with, almost like fitting the most powerful engine you can think of in an already powerful car. During the story Evil-Lyn manages to seperate Keldor and Demo-Man briefly (using Marzo's amulet) and Demo-Man is unleashed on the world. I won't spoil the whole thing for those that haven't read it but it really made me like the character a lot more. They also call him The Demo-Man which for some reason just by adding that The adds a lot to the character.

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You and me both, buddy! One of my most wanted MOTUC figures!
I loved him as a kid. For some reason my favourite characters are always the ones that seem to be somewhat of an after thought... Saurod, Dragstor, Staghorn and Evilseed (200X) are my guys and so far none of them have a figure.