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    HEROES OF TAJALAN - A new indie toyline

    Hello everybody
    I'm on a very fun project, i'm working on it with my wife Silvia.
    Our project is to create a new, very rich, high detailed, fully articulated toyline of action figures, with many characters, creatures, vehicles and maybe some playsets. The quality will be HIGH and the price will be CHEAPEST possible.
    We are not yet a brand, for now we are just 2 people This is our project, our dream: to create a new toyline, based on classic action figures of the '80s and classic characters of fantasy and science fiction.

    HEROES OF TAJALAN is the name of our toyline.
    There are the good heroes, and the evil villains.
    Each faction have a lot of characters! There are over 80 characters (including troops, beasts and giants) under development! The world where they live their adventures and they fight is TAJALAN a system of 99 planets.

    HEROES OF TAJALAN will be a mix of fantasy and science-fiction elements, with barbarians, sexy heroines, monsters, space fighters, demons, vampires, undeads, dwarves, robots, spaceships, dungeons, castles and more!!!
    From when we were kids, we always loved toyline like Masters of the Universe, Blackstar, The Other World, Micronauts, Infaceables, Golden Girl, Princess of Power and all the similar fantasy/sci-fi toylines.
    Our toyline, is similar to this concepts of sword&sorcery plus space elements, like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Dan Dare etc. But there are also "wild" elements, like Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, John Carter.

    For now, we can just do color sketches, with some infos and details... that's what i'm gonna do here: i will show you our characters in the sketches. I hope you will like all of them!
    In the next couple of years, we will try to realize them in action figure, we hope it will be a good work.

    For the moment, please enjoy our characters! And be sure to leave a comment
    If you want to be always updated, we have also a facebook page, here:

    Each figure of HEROES OF TAJALAN will have also a minifigure: the heroic guys have the "Skeletrics" and the evil guys have the "Gnarps"

    Today we begin with the two main heroes: male and female!

    This is GRAYGER, OUR MALE HERO: he's like He-man/Blackstar/Lion-O! The main hero, always brave, strong and loyal. He is one of the seven bearer of the elements. His element is the WATER.
    Grayger have the magic armour of the Black Lion, and the sacred sword of the Water. He possess an incredible stamina and strenght, and he can call all the heroes of Tajalan in the planet with the magic power of the armour, who can roar.
    His armour also protect him from the enemies, with an invisible magic pure-like-water shield. The power of water cannot be harmed with evil powers or substances like damnation, poison, necromancy, decay and all those kind of creepy stuff
    He's similar to the unicorn: you know, very pure. His power can also heal the others from this evil powers and substances.
    The sacred sword of Water can be used as a normal sword, or can also become liquid and more long or large, and can cut almost anything, also the most harder material.
    Grayger have also a magic shield (i still have to draw this) and ride a huge gray water lion, called AZHURION (i will reveal him in the future).

    This is SHANI, OUR FEMALE HERO: Shani command the HEROES OF TAJALAN with the mighty GRAYGER. Together they stand unite to protect TAJALAN from the evil forces of NECROMANTYS.

    Shani have the elemental power of FIRE.
    Her weapon, the FIRE CLUB made of pure magic rubins, can shot powerful fireballs to destroy any enemy!
    Her strenght have no limit, she's smart, beautiful and without any fear. Beware forces of evil! You have no chance if SHANI is on the battleground!!!
    Shani can also call the power of fire to become a fire-star-creature: in this form she can also fly, and shot fireballs.
    Shani have a very wise magic black cat called NEUO as a puppy, and also a war-phoenix called AJANTI.

    And now, some words about the SKELETRICS (the minifigures of the heroic forces):

    These small but brave warriors come from one of the 99 planets Tajalan, an urban world now conquered and destroyed by the armies of NECROMANTYS.
    The SKELETRICS have fought with all their might against the terrible forces of evil led by NECROMANTYS and his minions, but despite their tenacity and their skill in battle, they were eventually defeated and overwhelmed.
    A few of them were a small group of veterans who do not intend to bow to the will of the evil, and resist the continual attacks of the MUTADEADS (the armies of undead mutants in the service of NECROMANTYS).
    The SKELETRICS intend to avenge the deaths of their comrades and the destruction of their civilization at all costs! There are many of them ... and also if they are small, NECROMANTYS cannot underestimate them!

    Regarding the toys ... each "hero" from HEROES OF TAJALAN toyline will have ONE (or more in the case of creatures and XL figures) of the Skeletrics (the body will be the same, but some details and the weapons will be different). Remember the vintage 80's toylines of "Blackstar" (with Trobbits and Alien Demons?) and "The Other World" (with Jipps and Mogs)?? Well, the same here

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