I have a near complete playset I like to sell for $160 plus shipping.

It is a very shape looking set. The top landing platform is a custom replacement made from form board. Also the entrance behind the gate is a custom form board replacement. The gate latch is a reproduction, but works fine and can still rotate up and down to open and lock the gate. The rest of the items are all original. Accessories included a boulder-like wrecking ball (string was cut and re-knotted, you may need to get a new black string if you want to pll the bould all the way to the top) , a heavy skalibur turret gun ( the base has some damage where the pole connects), four ladders (one is damages - set originally came with three ladders), and three rails. The collapsible bridge works (custom replacement hande - one of the small gray connector pieces is missing half of the male connectors but still functions) . The interior details a "Bio-Control Laboratory" which is nice and is in good shape with some ceases from age and playwear. The Hyve comes with two Mutant Insectoids who serve as its guardians; Narr, a glove puppet, and Vypex (very hard to find), a smaller finger puppet. The set is missing one half of a round black connection piece for Narr. Please feel free to ask questions. The Hyve's standing legs will be removed, so you will have to reassemble it, when it arrives. All the items will be bagged and placed within the boxed with a lot of form peanuts. Bubble wrap will be placed on the top and bottom. Insurance is included. I will throw in some repo eyes stickers for Narr...