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Thread: MOTUC Female buck. Sculpt vs waist articulation

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    MOTUC Female buck. Sculpt vs waist articulation

    For the MOTUC Female buck, going forward, would you rather have waist articulation and a skirt look, or a correct sculpt but sacrifice waist articulation?
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    I'd rather have the waist articulation.

    Sometimes a figure whose head may be inhibited by hair or something can have a greater range of poses due to the waist articulation offsetting some of the lost head articulation.

    In all fairness, ever since Star Trek:TOS I've enjoyed the female form in a miniskirt. Though Adora, Octavia, & Glimmer really seem to wear something more like a tunic to me compared to an actual skirt.
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    please Matty

    I think they should do a TwoPack with Filmation Teela & 200X Evelynn and Adora & Catra and give them the 2.0 bodies! They deserve to fit into the line and right now they are the odd ladies out!!!!!
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    I'm perfectly fine with the waist cut, and the "skirts"

    And I have seen skirts cut like a V at the bottoms.... Short and long, I know they exist, so I am perfectly fine without leotards.

    I don't want any more articulation cut, it's stupid to have it cut in an "Action Figure" line unless absolutely essential, like only one comes to mind with Dragstor.

    The ladies already lost boot cut....we really want them to lose another point of articulation, one they just gained recently? I'm not collecting stactions, or plain statues, I'm not collecting art or sculpture....I'm collecting action figure toys....the waist cut stays.
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    I cannot vote simply because we do not NEED to sacrifice articulation to get things done correctly. I want it all! Sculpt and Articulation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    I cannot vote simply because we do not NEED to sacrifice articulation to get things done correctly. I want it all! Sculpt and Articulation.

    Quoted for truth. See this post or many others like it. Just because they give us 2 options (which they aren't doing by the way, get used to the Skipers :skirt-diapers) doesn't mean they are the only way. Their shortcomings just leave them incapable of a real solution.

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    i would much rather keep the articulation.. i think the females are just fine..the skirts are fine... man.. there always a complaint with this toy line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    I cannot vote simply because we do not NEED to sacrifice articulation to get things done correctly. I want it all! Sculpt and Articulation.
    Ditto. There is zero reason why we cannot have both. If Mattel's designers cannot manage to keep the waist articulation and preserve the Four Horsemen's prototype sculpts, then they do not deserve to be working on this line.

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    How about having both articulation without the skipers. It can be done. Mattel design is full of crap!

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    definately want waist articulation. I prefer teh skirts anyway. Look better make more sense than leotards all over the place

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    I am non-plussed on this issue, and like the waist articulation, honestly.
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    Waist and all other articulation is essential. Otherwise, we'd be looking at some kind of partially articulated statue- a 'staction figure,' if you will-- and boy, would that stink!
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