View Poll Results: Favourite MOTUC POP figure thus far?

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  • Adora

    25 17.24%
  • She-Ra

    10 6.90%
  • Bubble Power She-Ra

    17 11.72%
  • Swift Wind

    7 4.83%
  • Frosta

    16 11.03%
  • Netossa

    17 11.72%
  • Tallstar

    5 3.45%
  • Starla

    3 2.07%
  • Jewelstar

    0 0%
  • Bow

    45 31.03%
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Thread: Favourite MOTUC Great Rebellion figure thus far?

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    Favourite MOTUC Great Rebellion figure thus far?

    Who is your favourite MOTUC Great Rebellion figure thus far and why?
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    Frosta by default...I like her light blue/white color scheme but the gray paint of the final figure messed it up a bit.
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    Frosta, but I would have chosen Catra since I consider her POP.
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    BP She-ra! Love the extra details on the boots and gauntlets and she can ride on Swifty.

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    I voted for Tallstar (including one additional set of extensions), but I like Bow just as much!
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    Well since Catra and Shadow Weaver are not options I went with Netossa of this list but Catra is my favourite POP character so far.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Voted Adora since I was so impressed and excited to get an Adora. Still think she captures something in the face and sculpt that none of the rest of the She-Ra's Have. Maybe it was just my particular one's Paint job.

    Anyway though, I really wanted to vote Tallstar, since when I got her in hand, she really is my favourite of the bunch. So colorful, beautiful (love the hair color and sculpt so much), and was a supprise to me how I would like her.

    But Adora is who I would keep if I had to lose the rest.

    Bow is great just because...bow.

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    Sorcerer of Zalesia bcrduke's Avatar
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    this is really tough

    I chose Netossa because I have always liked the character, and I think it's a really nicely sculpted figure.

    Frosta might have won if she hadn't been wrecked by the gray color change

    Bow is pretty awesome, as are Bubble Power She-Ra and Swift Wind. The Star Sisters are just fun (Jewelstar is my favorite of the three).

    Castaspella will be kicking ALL of these to the curb soon!!
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    Oddly enough I went with Bubble Power She-Ra. I love that figure. Great colors, great design, best She-Ra we've ever gotten.
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    BPSR, simply because she allowed us to build the perfect She-Ra. I love them all, though, and hope to have every figure possible in that faction.
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