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Thread: 2013 mini-comics?

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    2013 mini-comics?

    On Matty, under their booth events announcement, there's this:
    •Thursday 7/18 1:30pm – 2:30pm MOTU Mini-Comic Signing Meet the creative team behind the 2013 MOTUC mini-comics and get your toys and comics signed! Free mini comic to the first 100 people in line. First come, first served.
    Am I wrong in thinking that the ONLY mini-comic (that we know of) from 2013 was the "origin of Skeletor" one that came with King He-man?
    Is it at all possible that this could be a reveal of more mini-comics to come? (And what would the "free mini-comic" to the first 100 people in line be (unless the origin of Skeletor one?)
    What do you guys think?

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    Interesting....more Scott authored crap....

    But on the other hand, more Mini Comics would make MOTUC feel even more nostalgic to many....

    But I also thought that Scott was vehement about only enough budget to do the King He-Man comic, and we were told the only one was to come with him....

    Is this another case of Scott making **** up as he goes? Did Mattel miraculously find a bigger budget for MOTUC? Does Mattel randomly decide when they want to toss money into MOTUC and see what sticks? Or is it just another miscommunication to the fans?

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    I went to this last year and it was just Scott signing older issues. I doubt that they have anything new. My bet would be they have 100 copies of the one that came with King He-Man...

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