As the title says, I'm after a Transformers G2 green tank Megatron. I would want it "near mint" as possible with good paints and stickers. I do need the gun, green light and battery cover at the very least. Missiles are optional but not needed. If the electronics are dead, that's fine since I'll never put batteries in it anyway. I do not need packaging, tech specs or instructions as I don't collect paperwork.

Failing a G2 Megatron I may take a Megastorm from the Japanese Beast Wars II line as it's almost the same toy. I might consider the G2 "hero" purple tank Megatron as well, or any figure that sued the mold(Bludgeon, Reverse Convoy)

I'd prefer to buy from a US seller due to postage costs, unless your total price is good.

I do have items for sale or trade-

US and Canada buyers only. Contact me with your zip code for postage costs. Paypal is preferred, I can take a USPS money order if you have no Paypal if you are a US buyer. Be aware that USPS increased international postage rates in January, it now costs a minimum of $7 to mail even a small item to Canada.

fashion pack Clawdeen-
Sweet 1600 Clawdeen body only with earrings, no clothes- $7
"School Club" fashion pack- jacket, skirt, necklace, shoes, and Clawdeen iCoffin- $7

Skelita- loose with all clothes and stand only. No book, no brush, no bag. Perfect face paint. $10

Bratzillaz "Midnight Beach" sunglasses- these will fit MH dolls
4 pairs- Sashabella, Cloetta, Meygana and Jade. $3 for all 4 pairs

Gameboy Advance lot- $7 for batch
* Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi game cartridge
* Drill Dozer Game Cartridge
* 20 clear plastic cases, each holds 1 game
* 2 clear plastic game cases, each holds 3 games

Music CDs

Gwen Stefani- $3
Stevie Ray Vaughn- $2
Every Mother's Nightmare- $1
Trudy Lynn- $2
Lauren Cristy- $1
or $7 for the batch of 5