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Thread: FS/FT Filmation Evil Seed

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    FS/FT Filmation Evil Seed

    Hello. Looking to sell or trade my Filmation Evil Seed. Asking cost + shipping to zip code. I will PM the individual when it comes in and that will be the time for payment. I will ship internationally but the buyer must contact me first to get a quote.
    I am also looking for King He-Man (w/ or w/o minicomic) and Light Hope and am willing to trade Filmation Evil Seed for one of those figures. Please keep in mind I have a full time job that doesn't allow me to use the Internet on my PC so it may take 1-2 days to get back to you depending on how long I have to be at the office that day (Over-time can be brutal). First come, first served.

    Should you wish for references, my eBay handle is jeditransfan77, and I also have references on the ToyNewsI boards. Just search my handle and you should see it come up in my signature.

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    Pending. Thank you all who have shown interest. If I did not get back to you, it's because this was first come first-serve and I had a lot of interest. If the deal falls through, I have kept your messages and will contact you if you are still interested.

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    Has this been sold? I sent a PM, but have not heard back...
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