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Thread: Over 50 MOC Classics for Sale

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    Over 50 MOC Classics for Sale

    I am getting rid of all of my extras and re-releases. I have over 50 MOC items for sale. All come with white mailers. None have never been displayed and come from a smoke free home.

    Prices do not include paypal fees or shipping. I will only ship to U.S. and will only charge actual shipping costs. Figures weigh about 1.5 pounds each, large figures weigh more.

    PM me. I accept paypay only and will not hold without payment.

    Wundar with Eternia map- $135
    Webstor 1st release- $28 x2
    Skeletor- 2nd release- $28 x4
    Tytus- 2nd release- $35
    Gygor- 2nd release- $30
    Faker- 2nd release - $35 x3
    Green Goddess- $24 x2
    Keldor- 2nd release- $24 x2
    Trapjaw- 2nd release- $30 x3
    He-Man- 2nd release- $30 x2
    Hordak- 2nd release- $28 x2
    Merman- 2nd release- $24
    Buzz Off- 2nd release- $24
    She-Ra- 2nd release- $30 x2
    Moss Man- 2nd release- $28
    Moss Man- 1st release- flocked ears- $50
    Stratos- 2nd release- $24 x2
    Beast Man- 2nd release- $50--- sold
    Grizzlor- 2nd release- $25
    SyKlone- 2nd release- $24
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress- $38
    King Hiss- 2nd release- $28
    Battle ground Teela- $24
    Adora- 2nd release- $30
    He-Ro- $35
    Zodak- $40
    Evil Lyn- 2nd release- $35 x2
    Man-At-Arms- 2nd release- $50
    Chief Carnivous- 2nd release- $22
    Count Marzp- 2nd release- $22
    Grayskull Stands- $15
    Captain Glenn- $25
    Palace Guards- $45
    Wind Raider- $45 x2
    Battle Cat- 2nd release $30 x2

    Due to the overwhelming feedback about wanting pictures and conditions, I decided to go ahead and list them on ebay. You can view them here.
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    TFW 2005 has a seperate section specifically for eBay sales links. Maybe this site should adopt something similar to filter site and eBay sales.

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