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Thread: Las Vegas, New york and Toronoto toy shopping

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    Las Vegas, New york and Toronoto toy shopping

    g'day, going to states and canada in August to place mentioned above, any of you have advice for stores for a fellow toy collector to check out???

    what are the geeky must dos?

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    New York: You can check out Forbidden Planet near Union Square and Midtown Comics. Also you should check out Toy Tokyo down in the Lower East Side along 2nd Ave. And if you're looking for Anime based products going into China Town down by Canal Street there are tons of stores!
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    when will you be in Toronto? fanexpo (our big comic con) is at the end of August. there is silver snail downtown Toronto, planet x on queen st, paradise comics on yonge and lawrence. Comic Warehouse in Brampton, not to mention flea hamilton south west of toronto) there were some good vintage toy shops Kool Stuff toys and bounty hunter collectibles.
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    Ha! I'm actually sitting at the airport in Vegas on my way to NY and Toronto. I definitely plan on hitting up Toy Tokyo while I'm there.
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