I have started off my collection for MOTU this past week and below is my list so far:


1) He Man (Mattel India)
2) Battle Cat (Mattel India)
3) Attak Track (Mattel India)
4) Road Ripper (Mattel India)
5) Tri-Klops (Mattel India)
6) Man at Arms (might be getting soon Mattel India)

Are these any rare?


Evil Lyn (Vintage and Comm)
Trap Jaw (Comm)
Zodac (Comm)
Clawful (Comm)
Buzz Off (Comm)
Tri-Klops (Comm)
Orko (Vintage)
Kobra Khan (Vintage)
Tung Lashor (Vintage)
Laser Light Skeletor (Vintage)

Just wondering how much of a budget i will need to get the full vintage collection. I am not going to buy vintage toys which were reissued in commerative series as i am assuming they are the same unless forums members here tell me otherwise.