View Poll Results: Which breakdown would you have given the sub if you were the brand manager?

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  • All 6 slots should be MOTU!

    3 3.26%
  • 5 MOTU and 1 POP.

    11 11.96%
  • 4 MOTU and 2 POP.

    29 31.52%
  • Right down the middle. They should each have 3 slots!

    47 51.09%
  • 4 POP and 2 MOTU.

    2 2.17%
  • 5 POP and 1 MOTU.

    0 0%
  • All 6 slots should be POP!

    0 0%
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Thread: What do you think the ratio of the Filmation Subscription should have been?

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    It should have been an even split.

    I'm a She-Ra fan first and foremost, but I'd never suggest characters from Etheria should take precedence over those from Eternia. The ideal roster for me would have been something like:

    MOTU: Shokoti, Batros, Melaktha
    POP: Sea Hawk, Huntara, Vultak

    That would have left popular characters like Icer, Lizard Man and Madame Razz for a future subscription.

    I also worry that there will only be ONE hero: Sea Hawk.

    So I think the final lineup for the Filmation sub will be - very disappointingly, for me:

    Shokoti, Batros, Icer, Sea Hawk, Plundor and either Nepthu or Strongarm.

    ...which will mean we'll wait ages for Huntara and any other POP Filmation unless there's another Filmation sub next year.
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    I want to say right down the middle but to be honest, I feel there are quite a few more Toon Specific characters from He Man than she ra as it stands, so it should skew that way.

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    What's MOST interesting about the results of this poll is that it shows two things:

    1) POP fans are reasonable
    2) MOTU vintage-only people aren't as reasonable

    Not even the most HARDCORE POP fan voted "all 6 slots for POP," because that wouldn't be fair... but someone actually voted "all 6 slots for MOTU" or "5 MOTU and 1 POP" -- THAT is unreasonable considering the wealth of pretty awesome multi-appearance characters from POP.

    But those few people who voted are getting their way... it's going to be 5 MOTU and 1 POP... isn't it nice when the vocal minority gets its way? Makes a whole lot of sense doesn't it??
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    But those few people who voted are getting their way... it's going to be 5 MOTU and 1 POP.
    How do you know this

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    I'd be happy with a 4:2 split in MOTU's favor, pending the selection of characters included in it.
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    I wouldn't be too upset, POP fans. Look at Octavia being in the main Club Eternia sub and THAT is an awesome figure. Scorpia probably be in the main sub too.

    Still don't know about Seahawk though. Is he gonna be in the Filmation sub or the main Club Eternia sub???
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    Even split- we need PoP girls to catch up, in my opinion!

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