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Thread: Jakk's WWE Classic Superstars for Sale

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    Jakk's WWE Classic Superstars for Sale

    Reduced Prices!

    Hey everybody, here are my WWE Superstars for sale. All prices include shipping. All prices are negotiable. All figures are complete and in very good condition unless otherwise noted. PM me. Thanks for looking!

    WWE Deluxe Superstars:
    Rowdy Roddy Piper with painted IC belt, (slight paint chipping on upper leg)-$12 shipped
    Hillbilly Jim-$10 shipped
    Undertaker WWE Jakk's Deluxe Superstars-incomplete-$13 shipped

    WWE Classic Superstars:

    Dr. Death Steve Williams with robe-$8 shipped
    Iron Sheik, series 26-$8 shipped
    Mr. Perfect with IC belt, orange outfit-$8
    Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff Wrestlemania set-$12 shipped
    Arn Anderson-$5 shipped
    Dusty Rhodes, series 13, no red vest-$8 shipped
    Tully Blanchard with robe-$10 shipped
    Road Warrior Hawk series 9-$10 shipped
    Road Warrior Animal, black pants, older version, WWE tag team belt-$8 shipped
    Ted Dibiase with Million Dollar Belt:$12 shipped
    Jim Duggan with 2x4:$10 shipped
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