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Thread: "What lies beneath" headpack

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    "What lies beneath" headpack

    With all of this talk about the possibility of head-packs, the one I'd most like to get would feature characters without their head gear. Bustatoon's blog had that "What lies beneath" page that featured many characters without their helmets, crowns, etc from the Filmation cartoon. It always had me wondering what other characters like Stratos and Zodac would look like without their masks or helmets. In addition to Filmation of 200x, I think it would be great to get a head-pack of this type to give out figures new looks..

    Man-At-Arms - ponytail
    Sorceress -red hair
    Sky High
    Shield Maiden Sherrilyn
    Sir Lazer Lot

    Planet Claire has pink air
    All the trees are red
    No one ever dies there
    No one has a head
    The B-52's

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    Well, According to the Online DC comic, Sir-Laser-Lot is a black man with red eyes (probably because of the Gem)
    Not Mentioned, Spector is the Toyguru faced guard, so behind that mask lies toyguru.
    A helmetless Shield Maiden would be awesometastic!
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    I love it! I really enjoy it when we see characters under there helmet or mask.
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    I dont know about this one. Conceptually I'm behind it, though Kevin Kosse has been doing great works in this regard. I'm not feeling the need for alot of offical heads like this if it's not included in with the figure.

    Really, there's more I'd expect first.

    But hey, Duncan could be in a potential 200x head pack, and we're already getting Zodak, so that's something right?

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    I really want a DC accurate SLL head. And SMS sans helmet as well.

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    I'd love these. (Much more even than 200X or Filmation heads, honestly.)
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