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Ok, so basically I finally got around to watching the New Adventures disc 1 that came with the 30th Anniversary DVD Set, and I will admit, it wasn't awful, but 1 thing that struck out as very interesting to me. Skeletor had, as far as I can tell 2 VERY different images on the show (Ive only watched like 4-5 of the best of discs)

There is this first one, which I feel is what the NA Skeletor action figure was based off of

Then there is this one

I will admit, at first I really thought the first one was very cartoonish (more so then needed) and sort of resembled a gopher or something, then while watching the episode sword and staff I found skeletors new form to be fantastic (and the appearance of sagitar was pretty great too) Anyway it got me to thinking, what with NA He-Man coming out in July, a NA Skeletor is bound to happen, but since we will probably only get 1 NA Skeletor, which version would fans want to see? Is it a possibility that we might even see an NA skeletor as the sdcc exclusive with 2 different armors and the crystal as a small artifact add in? (Probably not, but one can hope) Also of note, the second image of skeletor has very similar leg armor to that worn by the tank costume of vykron.