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Thread: Which NA Skeletor would fans want to see in Classics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    There were three Skeletors in the NA line.

    The third had long black hair just like Keldor which was a happy coincidence.

    I want the first version, purple cape / helmet NA Skeletor because that was his intro as a toy. He was NA Skeletor for me back then.

    Plus, they can kill two birds with one stone: Laser Light Skeletor is basically NA Skeletor 1.0 with a hooded head instead of a helmet.
    I agree 100%

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    I would love to have all of them, as they were some of the best Skeletor designs in the entire history of MOTU. If I had to choose - as in the line was being cancelled next year - then I would go with the first version, as that was the figure I played with the most when I was little. I don't expect to have to choose, however. There's no reason why, with proper management of the line, Mattel can't get to all of them.
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