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Thread: FS:NECA Jitsu (unbroken) MOC, Leech MOC, Snake Armor He-Man MOC, She-Ra MIB + more

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    FS:NECA Jitsu (unbroken) MOC, Leech MOC, Snake Armor He-Man MOC, She-Ra MIB + more

    Hey everyone,

    First post in a while, but I've decided to clear out the final few pieces of my old collection.
    Prices are in Euros unless otherwise noted:

    Jitsu (unbroken) MOC. Some creasing on the card is present. Bubble has lifted slightly on one corner due to weight of the figure. Overall a very good card. €130
    Leech MOC on near perfect card. € 100
    Evil Horde set loose (Hordak, Mosquitor, Leech, Mantenna, Grizzlor) all complete with bases/weapons and in excellent condition. Includes the cardbacks. (please note, Hordak's staff has been repared) €130 for the set of 5.
    Evil Lyn Comic Con Exclusive loose and complete. €25
    Micro Busts set (loose) of He-Man, Skeletor, Orko, Tri-Klops, Beastman and Stratos. No boxes, in very good condition. €25 for the set of 6.
    Hordak mini Bust Comic Con Exclusive, excellent condition, complete with box. €40
    Evil Lyn Mini Bust Artist Proof. MIB and complete with certificate, box has some wear. 2 available. €35 each.
    Mer Man Mini Bust Artist Proof. MIB and complete with certificate, box has some wear. €35

    Snake Armor He-Man MOC €50
    King Hsss MOC €25
    Zodac MOC €25
    She-Ra MIB and in sealed white mailer. 4 available. €30 each.
    She-Ra MIB in opened white mailer. €25

    MVC Comic:
    Sketch issue (Mint condition) €10
    Vol1 issue 1 Graham Crackers Exclusive (no 351 of 3500) with certificate. Mint. Sealed in baggie. €5
    Vol 1 Issue 1 Cover A Holofoil edition (Mint in sealed baggie) €20

    World of He-Man VHS/NTSC Tape €5
    Courage of Adam VHS/NTSC Tape €5
    Dragon's Brood VHS/NTSC Tape €5
    Dragon's Brood (Sealed) VHS/NTSC Tape €5

    I will add pictures during the day.

    To answer as much questions as possible, please read the following:
    Unless otherwise noted, everything is MOC/MIB. Since these came from the remains of my personal collection they are the best I could find. Additional pictures of items can be supplied if necessary (within reason).

    For all items I very strongly prefer to have them picked up in person. I realize this isn't always possible, so shipping is an option. This will only be done through a registered, insured and traceable method. If an item has to be shipped internationally I will declare full value. I will not lie on the custom forms, sorry.

    Due to the fragile nature of some of the items, I cannot guarantee they will reach you on the other side of the world undamaged. Please take this into consideration. I will of course do everything I can to prevent damage to the items though.

    Shipping internationally is expensive. I can combine shipping to save money, but please do not ask me to find cheap, unregistered/tested shipping methods.

    These are cost estimations in Euros for basic shipments, please check with your bank what the exchange rate to your local currency is:
    Netherlands: 6,75 Euros (up to 10 kilos)
    Belgium/France/Germany/Spain/UK/Italy: 13 Euros (up to 2 kilos)
    Finland/Portugal/Ireland: 18,50 Euros (up to 2 kilos)
    Rest of Europe : 19,30 Euros (up to 2 kilos)
    Rest of the World: 24,30 Euros (up to 2 kilos)

    Fragile and expensive items will only be shipped with an insured/express service like DHL.
    An exception on this is possible, but I will not accept Pay Pal as payment in these cases.
    You can check the cost for this online at DHL using my zip code, city and country (2595, S GRAVENHAGE in the Netherlands)

    Due to my work hours, shipping can usually only happen on Saturdays. I will do my best to ship as soon as possible after receiving the payment.

    Payment can be done in person or through bank transfers. I can accept Pay Pal if this is the only option for you, but please read the following very carefully:
    * I will only accept Pay Pal from forum members with a long and good reputation. Newly registered or unknown on the forum? Very sorry, but Pay Pal is not an option.
    * You take into account the time between shipping and arrival can include custom delays beyond my control and will not file claims with Pay Pal without consulting me within a 3 week period after shipping the item.

    On average, the transit to the US for example (without customs delay) is 10 business days. It can be quicker, but this is not the norm. If patience is not your strongest virtue, then please safe us both a lot time and don't buy from me.
    I will keep you informed as much as possible, but once the item has been shipped I know as much as you do through the track & trace number.

    I'm sorry for the long list of points, but it is with great reluctance that I'm open to selling internationally again (after too many bad experiences).



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    Updated with some requested images from the Leech MOC.


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