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Thread: Karatti MOTUC's Pre-sale!!! AT COST!!! By Yodafreakmaster:)

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    Karatti MOTUC's Pre-sale!!! AT COST!!! By Yodafreakmaster:)

    Hey He-Fans and She-Ravers! This thread is for the Pre-Order of MOTUC's Karatti. I have some of mine listed on ebay at $32, but I wanted to give my fellow orger's a chance to buy him from me at "my cost". My cost includes: cost to get figures to me in Iowa, PO Box fee, shipping materials, printer labels, printer ink, gas to make shipping runs, etc.

    He will come shipped as soon as he arrives to me in Iowa (approximately the 22nd of the month) and I will ship USPS Priority to anyone in the US. US only - sorry international collectors.

    I will ship him mint in package with the white mailer box as well.

    The cost is: $30 + $10 for Priority Shipping and Handling. This price is non-negotiable as I can make more on ebay and this is my break even mark. If you want more than 1 of him, I will combine shipping and it will be $3 per additional figure.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is for Karatti ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT OTHER 2013 MOTUC'S ITEMS AT THIS TIME. I will list other 2013 items down the road so just keep your eyes peeled on this forum and ebay under my "yodafreakmaster" seller name for other items down the road. The exception would be if someone was interested in purchasing BOTH the Fighting Foe Men and Karatti from me to combine on shipping. For those wanting both, I am willing to take a LOSS!! I would sell both for $100 shipped!!!!!! THIS IS SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER THAN YOU WILL PAY ON MATTY!!!!!!!

    Karatti is a FANTASTIC figure!! If you buy it from me, you can skip the chaos of the day of sale and have yours reserved ahead of time. You can also help the fellow out that bought 30 extra subs to help keep the MOTUC's line alive for 2013

    PM me if you are interested Thanks!
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