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Thread: HUGE!! near Complete Collection. Figures, Mini-statues, Exclusives, Micro-bust,custom

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    HUGE!! near Complete Collection. Figures, Mini-statues, Exclusives, Micro-bust,custom

    Ok so, I’m selling my whole MOTU collection. I hate to let them go. They are in great shape except maybe a couple of them. I thought to give it a shot before I put them on ebay.

    Please note that I am a very picky collector. So, very often I used to buy the best figures or statues (even several times the same character) to get the best painted one and then re-sell or return the one I didn’t like. They all come from my personal collection, never played with, and from a smoke free and pet free environment.

    Now, back in 2011 I made a Ram-man custom staction/statue style, and some board members were interested in buying it. Since I’m getting rid of my whole collection, this one has to go too. But to make this interesting, I will sell it to the person who buys the most figures/statues. Even if that person buys only two figures, will get the chance to buy the Ram-man if he/she wishes to. If not, I just will sell it to the highest bidder.

    If you buy many of them, I will do my best to get you a discount. I will accept Paypal as a method of payment

    the figures, they all come loose and complete, unless otherwise noted

    1- Smash blade He-Man - $9 (boxed)
    2- Buzz-Off - $8.00
    3- Sy-Klone - $ 8.00 (shield broken by the handle)
    4- Battle Fist - $8.00 (broken arm at the shoulder, it will come with an unpainted sword) but will throw in an extra one without hands, armor, nor weapons
    5- Man-at-arms - $9
    6- Man-E-Faces - $9
    7- Mekaneck - $8
    8- Prince Adam - $8
    9- Ram-Man - $8
    10- Stratos - $8
    11- Teela - $15----->SOLD
    12- Zodak - $15----->SOLD
    13- Roboto - $20------>SOLD
    14- Moss man $25
    15- Skeletor - $8
    16- Tri-Klops - $8
    17- Trap-Jaw - $9
    18- Mer-Man - $9
    19- Beast Man - $10
    20- Two-Bad - $10
    21- Whiplash - $10
    22- King Hssss - $20----->SOLD
    23- King Hssss ( boxed) $30
    24- Kobra Khan - $15
    25- Rattlor - $20----->SOLD
    26- Rattlor (boxed) $25
    27- Battle Cat - $20
    28- Panthor - $20

    Ram-Man custom
    Faker custom staction style - $30----> SOLD


    The mini statues are unopened unless noted otherwise
    They all may have some light shelf wear. Some more than others and some are in great shape. I’m just too lazy to check them up. Well the truth is that I’m sad to let them go, that I can’t even look at them.

    1- Hordak - $24 ----->SOLD
    2- Clawful - $17----->SOLD
    3- Snout spout - $16 (The cardboard bottom corners are a little bit but not too much bent)
    4- Clamp Champ - $16 (cardboard has light bent corners at the bottom)
    5- Stinkor - $30
    6- Grizzlor - $20.00
    7- Evil lyn - $30 (classic colors yellow exclusive comic con. Cardboard has some shelf wear, and the bottom of the plastic blister is a tiny bit opened and presents some dents)
    8- Tung Lashor - $20
    9- Tung Lashor ( loose) - $15----->SOLD
    10- Mantenna - $20 (box opened)----->SOLD
    11- King Randor (afx exclusive classic colors) - $35
    12- Leech - $150
    13- Webstor - $125
    14- Snake Face - $125 (plastic blister has some tape to prevent it of being opened, it has never being removed from the box though)
    15- Rio Blast - $30
    16- Sssqueeze - $70
    17- Sssqueeze ( loose and unassembled, ready to make a Kobra Khan staction) - $40
    18- Battle Armor He-Man - $100 (blister is opened a tiny bit at the top right corner, and cardboard has little shelfwear)
    19- Mosquitor - $140
    20- Jitsu - $150 (has pony tail loose, just like any other jitsu that came out like that out of the factory)
    21- Sorceress classic colors afx exclusive - $60 (the base for Soar came loose inside the box)

    Micro-Bust are all loose (all 3 for $12)

    -micro bust Skeletor base has been removed
    -micro bust Stratos backpack is broken and near the eye is broken too
    -micro bust Tri-klops
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    Hi very interested your Zodak. I live in Australia though is that ok?

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    Mmmm you mind wait a little to see how things go. If no one is interested I will definitely sell it to you. I would prefer somewhere closer, or if at least you got some of them, but for just one fig.

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    I sent you a Pm this morning on the Faker staction....

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    BUMP to ........

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    Do you have any pics of the custom ram man ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bibo26 View Post
    Do you have any pics of the custom ram man ?
    yes, it's all on the link above, just click on it, and it will re-direct you to the original post

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