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Thread: Loose Vintage Collection for sale. 62 pieces! 38 Complete! Original owner.

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    Loose Vintage Collection for sale. 62 pieces! 38 Complete! Original owner.

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to all who looked. I'll be back with more


    I have good feedback on TF2005, Robot-Jpan, Macrossworld, and EBay. All under the username Gakken85.

    About me:
    This is my original childhood collection.
    My brother and I had a very generous and awesome set of parents and they bought us a lot of toys over the years. This collection includes 62 pieces and 38 are complete. Almost 2/3 complete! haha I was a little amazed that I had so many pieces in tact. We were only missing 11 pieces for a complete domestic collection of figures. (We also had most of the vehicles and castles but I'll deal with those later). (Missing: Battle Armor He-Man, battle Armor Skeletor, Buzz Saw Hordak, Laser Light Skeletor, Laser Power He-Man, Multi Bot, Rotar, Sorceress, Terror Claws Skeletor, Twistoid, Horde Trooper). Point being, if you're looking for a loose collection this is a great head start!!

    Smoke free/Pet free home. These have been stored in plastic for... 25 years? They were well loved and played with and some are in better shape than others.

    I did a lot of research and work presenting, itemizing, and getting this collection ready, so please, no low balling.

    I feel my prices are fair and based off an aggregate of SOLD prices on Ebay and other price guides. I have also factored in ware, condition, age and rounded down in some cases.

    I have subtracted for any missing pieces if the figure has any worth.

    For NOW This auction is only for sell as a LOT! I'm not breaking things up for the time being. Sorry to those looking for that one special piece, but I work full time and I have a lot going on. I don't want to mail 60 different people, or have one person pick out the higher end items and try to sell the leftovers. I included individual prices to show you where my numbers came from.

    If I can't find a buyer I'll think about breaking up the sets in lots based on the divisions below.

    *Busines: PLEASE READ*
    I only accept paypal.
    Gifted payments only please, or add 4% for paypal fees. If you don't know what that means, ask me.
    I only ship to the United States of 'Murica. Shipping is negotiable.

    My estimated Value:

    My price:

    Prices are before shipping.

    I'm not looking to cheat anybody and I'm not looking to get ripped off. I am also not looking to sell to re-sellers. If I wanted to do that I have a friend in town who runs a toy shop and I'd rather give him my business.

    I want this collection to go to a collector who will give them a good home whilst making some cash for things I want to collect. Having said that, I am a reasonable guy and an adult and I love a good haggle! But again, please don't lowball. I'm perfectly happy taking this to evilbay and paying fees if it means less hassle.


    I tried to upload all 13 images here but the attachment process was giving me trouble.

    I tried to take the best pics I could. If you have questions about condition or want a better picture of a piece please ask. But only if you're offering.

    ***L = loose legs. Some are one loose leg, some are both.


    Buzz-off - complete 5
    Rokkon - Complete 8
    Stonedar - Complete 8
    Thunder Punch He-Man - Complete 15
    Zodac - Complete 6
    Man-At-Arms Complete L 8
    Mekaneck - Complete, paint rubbed, L 5
    Clamp Champ - complete 35
    Rio Blast - complete 20
    Extendar - Complete - Green hands 10
    Roboto - Complete - Paint degredation 5
    Man-E-faces - complete 10
    Moss Man - Complete, fuzz is spotty. 4
    Snout Spout - complete 10
    Zodac - Complete 5
    Zoar - complete 10


    Fisto - missing sword 5
    Blast-Attak - missing trigger cord 20
    Flying Fists He-Man - missing spinning mace 14
    Sky-Klone - Missing sheild/Upper part of decal coming off L 3
    King Randor - Missing Staff - with replacement staff 45
    Orko - Missing Magic button things 4
    Ram Man - Missing Axe, paint rubbed 4
    Teela - Missing Sheild 4
    Prince Adam - Missing Sword, chest is yellow 4
    He-Man - Hands are chewed up. Missing sword, head is light 10
    Stratos - Red wings/blue harnass! missing one arm connector 10



    Saurod - complete/Still works! 45
    Gwildor - complete 20
    Blade - complete 40



    Kobra Khan - complete 5
    Evil-Lyn - complete 6
    Clawful - complete 5
    Spikor - complete, upper arm needs glue 6
    Stinkor - complete - still smells 8
    Tri-Klops - complete 12
    Two Bad - complete - paint degraded 4
    Scare Glow - complete + Spare Axe and Spare broken cape. 65
    Whiplash - Complete 5


    Trap Jaw - missing Claw, Back of chest plate is cracked 5
    Jitsu - missing Sword 5
    Ninjor - missing Nunchucks 35
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor - missing lock - rusty chain 20
    Skeletor - missing staff 12
    Beast Man - missing whip and one arm brace 4
    Faker - missing sword Sticker L 10
    Mer-Man - missing sword 4
    Webstor - missing hook/line 10
    Screeech - figure only 4


    :::SNAKE MEN:::

    King Hiss - complete 10
    Rattlor - complete - yellow neck 10
    Snake Face - complete 40
    Tung Lashor - complete 12
    Sssqueeze - complete 20



    Hordak - complete 12
    Dragstor - missing drag cord 5
    Grizzlor - complete 10
    Leech - complete 5
    Mantenna - complete 5
    Mosquitor - complete - Blood works 35
    Modulok - missing one blue arm 8
    Hurricane Hordak - missing sheild. Wear on weapons/armor 12


    Few.. that was a lot of work!!!

    Good luck to all and I hope you enjoy seeing my collection.
    I look forward to doing business with one of you and I appreciate your time and consideration.
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