Hey guys....I currently have a set of MOTUC cardbacks for sale on Ebay. I only kept them to follow the over arching bio story. I long ago decided the bio story sucked (They totally lost me on Orko's bio), yet out of habit I still collected the card backs. Anyway - they're either going to go to someone who really does want them or the bin. I'm not really looking to make money out of these - the only drama is that there's a lot of the cards and I live in Australia, so postage to overseas for the lot could be quite expensive because of their weight.

If you're happy to pay the postage I'm open to offers from people looking for single cardbacks - I simply listed them on ebay as a whole first and then a day later thought "I'm an idiot.....I should of put them up on the org's website."

PM me if you have any interest!

Here's the link to see what's there....