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Thread: NEED HELP From my fellow Org'ers ... Please Help Me Locate The Following:

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    NEED HELP From my fellow Org'ers ... Please Help Me Locate The Following:

    I'm so close to completing the first four vintage waves of my MOC w/NEW collection. Can anyone help me locate the following figures with the w/NEW logo:


    And I'm not sure if they ever made one because I've never seen one but if she exists, I also would like to add EVIL-LYN w/NEW. Can someone let me know if she does exist?

    AND, I'm also looking for a FAKER without the "He's Back" on the card. Does this mean the one I'm looking for is the 8 back? I'm not sure because the 8 back is the only version of FAKER I've seen w/o that writing on the card. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    I would like the cards in good condition, C8 or better. I don't care if bubbles are yellow as long as the bubble is sealed all the way around and is crack and dent free. Thanks in advance to my fellow org'ers for helping me achieve what is now my current short term goal.

    Other items I'm looking for help in acquiring:
    Stratos MOC - 8 back
    Merman -8 back
    Zodac - 8 back
    Hordak MOC w/NEW
    Squeeze MOC w/NEW
    Snake Face MOC w/NEW

    Orko loose complete
    Webstor loose complete
    King Randor loose complete

    Sorceress staff
    Teela staff
    Scare Glow staff - either or both colors
    Scare Glow cape - custom or original
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