A guy in town is getting rid of all of his childhood toys. He has a huge lot of MOTU related stuff, including Eternia. I have a chance at it as a lot, but only want the playset, and a few other pieces. Would someone want to go in on this with me if I can get him to agree on a decent price? This is what he says he has. Misspellings (Greyskull and such) are his, not mine.

He-Man/She –Ra (initial assessment)
1. Box full action figure boxes, games, books, and coloring books.
2. 22 vehicles 20 with boxes
3. Eternia playset (fair condition, have not checked the amount of parts yet).
4. Castle Greyskull (fair condition, most parts included).
5. Snake Mountain (fair condition, most parts included).
6. She-Ra castle (fair condition, missing a lot of parts).
7. Hordak play set (box included, un-verified condition).
8. She-Ra Crystal Falls play set (un-verified condition, box included).
9. Every He-Man action figure sold in US minus the modular figures