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Thread: Ebay buyer opened a case and is totally wrong and Whocko IMO.....WORD heavy

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    Ebay buyer opened a case and is totally wrong and Whocko IMO.....WORD heavy

    here's the long and short of it:
    I had an auction that sold for 17$ shipped. I shipped the items and got a tracking number, however the number was one of those ones that just verifies stuff is sent, not a "delivery confirmation"(don't ask me, its some new thing the post office is doing)

    Anywho, fast forward to barely a week after the item was sent and the buyer is messaging me saying they didn;t get their item. At first(for 2 weeks) I suggested that they be patient and wait for the item to arrive. then finally the buyer got tired of waiting.

    So I go to the Post office, and they tekll me the item was delivered to the address provided OR it is being held at the post office local to the address given, and that is the only information they can give.They give me the number for consumer affairs for me/them to verify all this information

    I inform the seller from this and suggest that they call the number. Then suddenly it comes out that the seller cannot make this phone call because they "do not live in the US ".

    I reply saying, they address you gave was in the US so I'm confused why they would not be able to make a US phone call, THEN they reply with the fact that the address they gave is a US address they use for ebay items that someone holds/takes care of their ebay items.

    I inform them that I cannot be held responsible for something that disappeared if they did not have me send their item to the proper address. I would have gladly (tho not really) have sent the item to the proper out of the US address had they provided it, but they did not, so I cannot be held responsible for the loss of an item in this circumstance.

    Everything is mostly cordial through all this, but given the information I write it off as a loss and figure that is the end of it...

    well today they opened a case with ebay, an now I'm worried that, thanks to evil-bays new "the customer is always ALWAYS right" policies, that I'm going to be refunding for this item that I knwo was sent to the correct address.

    here's the message i sent to ebay

    This item was sent to an American address.
    When the buyer first contacted me about the item not showing up, I informed them that the post office claimed that the item was at their local post office waiting to be picked up. this was according to their consumer affairs department.
    I informed the buyer of this information, & suggested that they go to theit local post office and pick the item up. It was at this time that the buyer informed me that they were NOT IN THE US, & that they had provided an address to have other items delivered to that was not thiers .
    I then informed them to call their local branch of post office where the package was claimed delivered. Again the buyer stated they were not in the US and were unable to make the call to either verify the shipment was waiting at that local office, or make the drive/journey to said post office for the item.
    I suggested the buyer call cons affairs and they refused to I don't know what else to do, I have gone above &beyond to resolve this issue"

    does anyone know ebays policies on a situation like this, or if I will simply get compuuter/automated responses and be made to refund to this whack ebay buyer who obviously doesn't understand how to have an item shipped to them properly

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    As far as I know(even with the new policies), if you added a Tracking Number to the package... it will tell when it was accepted, its transit status, and when it was delivered. If you have proof(via the Tracking #) that the item was in fact delivered to the address that is on file with ebay.....I dont see how ebay would side with the buyer.
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    Use signature confirmation from now on. Sure it's an extra $2.20 but it's worth it. Now the buyer can't say he never got it.

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    I would imagine you would be fine. because ebay should be able to look at the records of where you were told to ship it to. and you did ship it. Plus you have communication with the buyer that it wasn't is address you sent it to. its stupidity on the buyers part.
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    IF ebay can look at the tracking and see it was delivered then you will be fine. IF the tracking doesn't show it was delivered then you will be forced to refund the money.
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    I know some people say don't use ebay, but I had a whole lot of various GI Joe items sitting for sale on various sites for 2 months without a single buyer. As such, I put them on ebay, and POOF, in 7 days, all but one item was gone.

    As such, ebay is still a necessary evil.

    As for your issue, I hope to the gods ebay actually reads what you say, but these days, it seems like they don't even care. I sold Fangman on ebay about two weeks ago for $51. The winner emails me and says he did not mean to bid that high, as he was not willing to pay more than $38 for him, so I might as well just cancel the transaction because he is not going to pay for it. My options were, cancel the transaction and get my fees refunded right then and there, or pointlessly wait 30 days to do a claim, and then another whatever to get my fees refunded. Such choices. The guy who then was in second place with $50 said he was not willing to pay more than $35 for Fangman so he was glad he was outbid. Why would you bid on something you do not even want?!
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