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Thread: This one is for the guys

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    This one is for the guys

    My wife told me that the guys who were fans of She-Ra back in the 80's were the original "Bronies"
    While the ponies don't do it for me, I had no problem admitting to being a She_Raver. So I thought I'd ask the rest of my "Brutha, She-Ra Luva's" to tell us how they started. Be honest now, LOL.
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    As a child, the only She-Ra exposure I really had was from the Secret of the Sword movie. So, while I loved that movie, I can't really say that I was a She-Raver when I was a kid. It's only been since adulthood that I got to see the entire cartoon, collected the vintage toys, and love the MOTUC POP figures being released.

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    Just to complete. I did have hordes as a kid.

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