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Thread: Possible 200X Variants in 2014 and 2015: Who Would you Want If Possible?

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    Possible 200X Variants in 2014 and 2015: Who Would you Want If Possible?

    200X Variants are on the roadmap, but during 2014 and 2015?

    Are these few 200X variants coming during 2014 and 2015?

    We have not finalized either year, but we hope so!
    If you had a choice, who would you choose? Have your top two must have picks out of six, BOLDED. Six choices are needed just in case stuff like new Teenager bucks are not possible, but at least TG will know that the demand is there. Like this...

    200X Prince Adam (Teen)
    200X Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn (Fixes Battleground Evil-Lyn with her OWN costume

    200X Sorceress (with 200X colored Zoar)
    200X Rattlor (The General in MYP colors)
    200X Roboto ("Heavy-duty" WMD Roboto with MYP guns and cannons)
    200X King Hsss (with Earl Norem Snakes)
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    Prince Adam - Teen, of course. Hopefully they can do a smaller buck for him; his 200X figure was one of my faves.

    Roboto - New head, feet (though not as huge as the 200X one), weapons, and an armor peice to put over his chest. Would be nice to see some extra shoulder guns too!

    Sorceress - Not just a recolored Filmation one, but with all the 200X details!

    King Hsss - I think there are enough differences to make a unique new figure.

    Snake Armor He-Man - The most important He-Man variant, in my opinion! A blade for the arm (rather than a claw) and at least the canceled shield. Dunno what kinda sword...

    Trap-Jaw - Probably a waste of a vote for most folks, but I don't care. I LOVE that figure! I'd like to see a whole new arm and shoulder cover (weapons as well, obviously), new left forearm, and at least new feet if we can't have the legs styled after the 200X figure. Would be neat to deco a scar on his chest too.
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    My choices are:

    King Hiss This is an easy one, most parts are already tooled in the line except for the head and possibly a new staff


    Roboto. With guns, lots of guns

    Hordak. This could be done with new hood, shoulders and new cape and many parts from Horde Prime


    Snake armor He man

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    Personally, I do not want variants of any 200x character that has an existing toy and or stationat this point over never produced characters. With so many unmade characters from all eras, I think it is a bit greedy to ask for variants (unless they are outside the main sub)

    Still, there are a few 200x characters that have a drastically different look that should be release somehow. To play along, my picks would be:

    200X Randor (Captain or Battle Armor- King version exists in the staction line)
    200X Skeletor (white bone head, classics harness, new long loin cloth, Bow bracers, Hero shinguards, Keldor sword, Havok staff, and 200x statue cape)
    200X King Hiss (both humanoid and snake body)
    200X Sorceress (though honest at this point I would prefer Veena)
    200X Evil Lyn (on a 2.0 or 3.0 buck, not sharing Teela tunic, new boots)
    200X/Classics Teela Hybrid (lose the snake armor, use the existing female buck, new tunic, include pony tail head)

    Rattlor, Tunglashor, Beastman, Clawful and Roboto I can't see them looking good on the classics buck, they need a large male buck, so I would not push for these to be made. Put these guys in a head/armor pack.

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    The first three i really want the other three are just awesome and i know those want be made but i just adore those designs and ideas:

    Real 200X/MYP Evil Lyn Version

    Battle Armor Queen Marlena

    Battle Armor King Randor (the helmet is so cool)

    Teela-Na (Sorceress outside of Castle Greyskull)

    Ice Armor He-Man

    Siren (Evil Lyns disguise)
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    Snake Armor He-Man

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    Evil Lyn
    King Hiss
    BA Marlena

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steph View Post
    Personally, I do not want variants of any 200x character that has an existing toy and or stationat this point over never produced characters. With so many unmade characters from all eras, I think it is a bit greedy to ask for variants.
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    He-Man Slime Pit
    Roboto Heavy Weapons/200X
    Skeletor New Adventures
    Trap Jaw comic
    He-Man Snake Armor
    Sorceress 200X

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    Roboto i hate the current figure for classics. It's easily below any other figure.

    Snake Armor He-Man is the best and must used He-Man variant ever. It was in multiple episodes and was very cool looking.

    King Hssss




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    I'd have to go with 200x Rattlor and 200x Prince Adam.

    I always thought it was a mistake not to have The General from MYP be a completely different character than Rattlor given the differences (color scheme, different head/hands/feet). Plus, it would add to the ranks of the Snake Men which they're in serious need of.

    Victor P.

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    Ice Armor He-Man
    Fire Armor Skeletor

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    200X He-Man
    200X Skeletor
    200X Prince Adam (Teen)
    200X Sorceress
    200X King Hsss
    200X Teela (Teen)

    I figure Randor is a shoe in, and others could be handled with the head pack. I feel like these are the major characters that need new body/armor sculpt work to really shine. I don't care if He-Man or Skeletor are some sort of Snake or Ice Armor as long as they come with the basic pieces to display them normal. If possible.

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    Really just 200X/Cloak and Dagger Evil-lyn for me.

    I know that any 200X variant will be "Classicised", so that means that someone like a 200X beast man would not be done properly as he should be quite large and hulking. But I would LOVE a proper 200X beast man that was large, he would happily replace my Classics Beastman in a heart beat.
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    Some 200x variants can double as distinct characters, so that will be my angle here.

    Snake Armor He-Man / King Grayskull (both heads)
    Sorceress / Veena
    Orko / The Oracle
    Rattlor / The General (he could be a new character I think)
    Buzz Off / Andreenid Warrior (army builder potential!)

    Well, I guess those are the only ones you could imagine is a new character. And that last one is a stretch.

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    Snake Armor He-man - simply because he was an awesome variant and actually used in the show
    200x Sorceress - she had an awesome design, much different than her original and an opportunity to make fix the wing issue

    200x King Hiss - much more Egyptian and snake like and he looked like a king and an opportunity to fix his snake torso issue

    200x Prince Adam - doesnt even need an explanation

    200x Skeletor - give him human bare feet, new shin guards, harness, loincloth, bracers and that gruesome 200x face and there you go. Maybe throw in a Keldor burning head too

    200x He-man - great opportunity for a He-man 2.0, new ankles, aloft hand, new face and hair sculpt
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    • Snake Armor He-Man w/ King Grayskull bonus head, 200X Sword w/split blade, and Snake Armor shield
    • Roboto w/ both hands removable and shoulder mounted weapons
    • King Hsss
    • King/Captain Randor
    • Prince Adam
    • Sorceress
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    200X King Hsss
    200X Sorceress
    200X Roboto
    200X King Randor

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    200x Mecha-Blade Skeletor
    200X Evil-Lyn ("Cloak and Dagger")
    200X Ice Armor Skeletor
    200x Siren (Evil-Lyn variant)
    200X Snake Armor He-Man
    200x Sorceress (with 200X colored Zoar)

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    We definitely need a Snake Armor He-Man and an Ice Armor He-Man at some point.

    Maybe a King Hiss and Roboto so that those who skipped out on them because of QC can have an option of getting a different version to plug that hole in their collections.
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    Snake Armor He-Man
    Prince Adam (teen)
    Teela (teen w/ ponytail)
    King Hsss
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    200X Snake Armor He-Man (with shield)
    200X Roboto ("Heavy-duty" WMD Roboto with MYP guns and cannons both hands are removable, extra front armor piece)
    200X King Hsss (with Earl Norem Snakes)
    200X Sorceress (with power sword box/casket)
    200X Randor (with King Miro Head)
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    The top two are of course

    1. 200X EVIL LYN - Even though this is giving the Four Horsemen a third attempt to fail with Evil Lyn.

    2. King Hsss - With a 200x Snake Torso.

    3. Sorceress - I prefer the Filmation version completely, but this design was different enough to warrant a variant.

    After that I don't care as much.

    4. 200x Randor - Would be pretty neat.

    5. Roboto - If only to fix the cracking chest issue.

    6. Battle Armor Marlena would be nice too.

    I'd also take a 200x Skeletor, Teela, and Prince Adam.

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    200X Sorceress
    200X Adam

    200X King Hsss
    200X Randor
    200X Hordak
    Snake Armor He-Man

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    King Hiss

    He-Man with extra Snake armor
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