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Thread: Who is the Number One most requested Vintage character--Vintage Idol 4!!!

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    Who is the Number One most requested Vintage character--Vintage Idol 4!!!

    C'mon...after Rokkon AND Stonedar were revealed, you knew this was coming.

    Welcome to VINTAGE IDOL FOUR!

    Yep, VINTAGE Idol, as in Vintage MOTU the 80's line. Not MOTUC Idol, where EVERYONE can compete. This is new. This is no holds-barred slobberknocker for the remaining vintage characters. No Scorpia, no Crita, no variants. Over two-thirds of the original vintage part of MOTU has been Classicized with only 16 characters left to go. The MOTU years from 1982 to 1984, i.e., the iconic characters, are done. But now everyone wants to know who is NOW the drop dead most requested character in MOTUC out of the remaining 16 Vintage characters? Who is the NEXT Ram Man? This will be like those "Sum all ______" threads.

    Here is who you CAN vote for:

    Rio Blast, Extendar, Rotar, Gwildor, Two-Bad, Ninjor, Twistoid, Blade, Saurod, Modulok, Dragstor, Multi-Bot, Horde Trooper, Tung Lashor, Sssqueeze and Blast Attak
    The Rules: Remember, you can only vote for ONE character. If you miss reading this and choose multiple characters, I'll just chose the first character written. You can also change your vote over time...let me know.

    I'll try to tally up the votes at the start of each new page (unless we start a new page when I'm working or sleeping), so if you want to see who's winning, go to the last page. If I've missed someone or if I've missed anyone voting twice, let me know.

    The character with the most votes wins, regardless if their figure is revealed or not.

    Will Two-Bad take it home for the fourth time? Or will Modulok reign supreme? Maybe someone new will be champion!

    Idol 1 Winner: TRAP JAW (He got a figure!)
    Idol 2 Winner: EVIL-LYN (She got a figure!)
    Idol 3 Winner: WHIPLASH (He got a figure!)
    Idol 4 Winner: SPIKOR (He got a figure!)
    Idol 5 Winner: CATRA (She got a figure!)
    Idol 6 Winner: SPIKOR (He got a figure!)
    Idol 7 Winner: THE SORCERESS (She got a figure!)
    Idol 8 Winner: QUEEN MARLENA (She got a figure!)
    Idol 9 Winner: SPIKOR (He got a figure!)
    Idol 10 Winner: THE SORCERESS (She got TWO figures!)
    Idol 11 Winner: SCORPIA
    Idol 12 Winner: RAM MAN and SPIKOR (Ram Man and Spikor got figures!)
    Idol 13 Winner: RAM MAN (He got a figure!)
    Idol 14 Winner: SCORPIA

    Vintage Idol 1 Winner: TWO-BAD
    Vintage Idol 2 Winner: TWO-BAD
    Vintage Idol 3 Winner: TWO-BAD

    Here are other current Idol Threads:
    Vintage POP Idol 2
    Vintage NA Idol 2
    Filmation Idol 2
    MYP Idol 1

    Vintage Idol ends with the reveal of a new Vintage character, probably at SDCC 2013.

    I'll go first:

    Tung Lashor +1

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    Ninjor +1

    - Joni -

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    No Rio we, scratch that. I totally forgot about Horde Trooper!

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    Well here's for Rio Blast!

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    No contest...Two Bad.
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    I vote for TUNG LASHOR !

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    I vote for BLADE
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    since stonedar is finally one of us I have to choose
    Blade +1

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    Blade! Or any of the movie figures...
    Must Haves before MOTUC is complete! QUEEN ANGELLA! Mermista, Peekablue, Perfuma, Imp, Admiral Scurvy, General Sunder, Colonel Blast, Vultak, Clawdeen, Stridor, Nightstalker, Cat version of Catra METEORBS Gwildor, Saurod, Point Dread with Talon Fighter! Sagitar

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    Is Matty allowed to make the movie figures?
    Blade +1

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    NINJOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for screaming it, but he NEEDS to be made, my soul counts on it.
    Does Galactus fart?

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    Ninjor +1
    Awesome sticker included!

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    I have to have Tung Lashor now.

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    MODULOK, needs my Moddykins, precioussss.
    More Vintage NA for MOTUC in 2016!!
    MOTUC wants: KAYO, Drissi, Sebrian, Hoove, Staghorn, Crystoll, Quakke, Spinwit, Nocturna, Vizar, B.H., Lizzor, Chef Allen, Bubble Maiden, Clawdeen, Dylamug, Granita, Hunga, Kothos, Admiral Scurvy, Red Knight, King Ahgo, the Twiggets, Meteorbs
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    Saurod + 1

    Even though I'm guessing two-bad will win.
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    "Yep! And now I'm gonna blast ya!"

    - Orko to Skeletor in "Lessons"

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    Two-Bad to round up the evil warriors with cartoon appearances.
    FINALLY!! GLIMMER IS IN MY SHELF!! Crita is coming... Now I NEED SONGSTER! The Awesometastic Bard!

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    going for modulok
    LOOKING for these MOTU Full Cardbacks:
    -Skeletor w/"original" promo on front
    -Man E Faces w/ "extra weapons" promo on front
    -Trap Jaw w/o Ring Promo on front & newer figures pictured on back
    -Tri Klops w/o Ring Promo on front & newer figures pictured on back
    & Mantisaur Empty Box (USA) Version

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    I want swords, I want Blade!

    +1 for Blade
    Maybe Marzo as an archenemy was the biggest thing to happen to Mekaneck, but as far as Marzo was was Tuesday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post
    No contest...Two Bad.
    Ditto. Same here. Two Bad!!!
    ......... ........

    MOST WANTED MOTUC figures:
    Ice Armor He-Man, Sagitar, Master Sebrian, Snake Mountain Man, Filmation Mer-Man, NA Prince Adam, Dylamug, Fang-Or, Major Header, Granita, Great Black Wizard, Quakke, Delora/Hawke, Dree-Elle/Montork, Tuvar, Badrah, Disco Skeletor, Songster, & Stridor

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    Modulok +1

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    Rio Blast is my #1 most wanted
    Harken the coming of Dragstor!!

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    My vote goes to:

    Tung Lashor
    *Toy version Catra *Sagitar *Drissi *Lizorr *Zilora *Granita *Delora *Battle Armor Queen Marlena *Hawke *Pebb-Liss(Minicomic Comet Warrior) *Lady Slither

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    It's about time we got a Blade figure!
    Tweet Me!

    I've just changed my profile picture because we got Geldor in MOTUC!
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    Modulok +1
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