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Thread: Moviebob Chipman on Filmation

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    Moviebob Chipman on Filmation

    So anyone else besides me here watch Moviebob's videos on the Escapist or his running since youtube Gameoverthinker episodic vlogs? Well He's a major nostalgia geek much like us here post here naturally, and even though I don't always agree with his movie reviews ( I don't care what he says John Carter (of Mars) was better then just average ) I like it when he clarifies things on his Big Picture series..especially when there was apparently 2 different Ghostbusters in the 80s, when all I remember was the move and it's "Real" animated spin-off. I seriously never knew there was another Ghostbusters toon, from the people who brought me He-Man of all things. I don't think I ever met anyone else who remembered that show in the 90s either, nor was it syndicated on any local broadcast networks where I lived (but then again neither was He-Man to my dismay, so I was stuck begging my Dad to rent the few VHS episode available)

    Later on he also did one for Bravestar (which I also missed at the time ) due to I guess the guys at Penny Arcade being involved in something that kind of calls back to it, and it was a good enough excuse to talk about it...I couldn't help but cry a bit when learning that Filmation was bought out and dismantled by, of all things, a friggin' shampoo company...

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