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Thread: Star Wars 1982 figure question

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    Star Wars 1982 figure question

    Having a bit of trouble with this one as I don't collect star wars toys myself and have very limited knowledge on them. I have a co-worker that found a box of old star wars toys and she asked me to help her price them and I am having trouble with only one out of the box. After several hours looking around I found the name of the figure is a 4-LOM (apparently there was an accidental name switch done with another figure named Zuckuss but this guy is the black cyborg figure that was actually 4-LOM) and he is from 1982. However it is neither carded nor loose. It is in a sealed plastic bag that says "Kenner" and "Made in China". That is where I hit a wall. I found one reference to a mail away version of him but I can't find any listing as to its value or rarity or anything. Can anyone help me on this one please?
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    I'm not a price guide but I would say he usually goes for around $12 bagged up like that. Got any pics of the figs? I'm pretty knowledgable about Star Wars since I have a good sized collection myself
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    There's one on eBay right now with a current bid of $1.04(+$3.50 S&H).

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