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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC News Thread May 2013

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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread May 2013

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for May 2013!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    POP Shields

    Right now the only way for the POP figures to hold their shields is on their left arms. Could the clips on the shields be reversed for some upcoming POP figures after Castaspella so that we can have some variety in how our POP women hold their shields?? It looks like that would be easy to do.

    We would need to tool a new shield. You can't just reverse the clip.'
    Before I order my 2014 subs,definitely no added on Filmation Sub??

    Before I buy my two subs in June...there will be nothing else MOTU Classics Sub related correct?? such as Filmation,POP etc??

    I'd like to buy my subs combined to save on shipping

    We will not be offering an add on MOTU sub at Sdcc. We'll need to see how Theron sub does first before exploring add on subs like 30 th or Filmation
    2014 Subs

    With getting a head start on it possible to tease a figure to create some buzz like was done with the filmation sub or with "Mosquitor". i know we will have to wait till SDCC for the full reveals but the tease of what most believe is "Sea Hawk's" sword was a nice treat and gives fans something to talk about and tide the masses over till SDCC

    You will need to wait for SDCC. We opened the subs early per fan request knowing that part of the "deal" to us doing this was you would need to wait for SDCC for more info and specifics!

    Can you let us know if we can expect any beasts in the next two years, or will it be strictly figures like we have this year?

    If we get enough subscribers for 2014 and 2015 there are beasts planned
    Your own personal favorite

    Scott, curious as to your preference pertaining to the different takes on Hawke and Delora.

    Hawke, of course, has her Filmation and MYP looks; while Delora has Filmation, Golden Books, and the original mini-comic.

    I suppose if I really had to choose I like Hawk as she is a "female avion" vs Delora is realyl just a plan human female. But both are great characters!
    Octavia & Clamp Champ

    can΄t wait to see the reviews of Octavia and Clamp Champ! Where they alredy sent to the reviewers?

    At this time we have not gotten samples in of either figure. If we get samples before the sale we will send them out. It is always luck of the draw.
    Shadow weaver base

    My Shadow Weaver never came with a base. Given that it was a sub exclusive I opted to not return the figure for a new one just in case it could not be replaced. Any way another clear base could be released via a weapons pack or anything else? Would like to have one for her. Thanks

    Unforutnately the time to exchange her has long past. In the future, if you ever get a figure that is incomplete due to human error I suggest calling CS to arrange a replacement immediatly. We just can't hold onto CS stock for that long as it adds up. No plans to release just her base anytime.
    Toyguru, Help solve this mystery!!

    We have some great mysteries of the world: Loch Ness, Bigfoot, David Hasselhoff.

    So resolve this decades old mystery once and for all. I know we have classics Wundar, that is a 100% surety.

    The Wonder Bread vintage Wundar figure, does this truly exist? As in an official release from Mattel. Mattel won't confirm, the bread company won't confirm. I know you have the power to finally put an end to the mystery. You can't tell me these two companies don't know.

    So the question is:

    Does an official vintage Mattel Masters of the Universe Wundar figure from a Wonder Bread giveaway in the early 80's truly exist?

    Stop sweating, answer the question we have all been wanting to know.

    I was actually just featured on the TV series Toy Hunter where this issue was given as much of a definitive answer as we know of. The episode is called 80's Toy Flashbox. Check your local listings or! ads in new Masters comic?

    I thought we were going to see advertisements for in the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comics from DC. I have not seen any yet for the first two issues. Will they show up soon, as there are many fans I talk to at the comic shops who love and remember He-Man but do not know of the MOTUC figure line. So many more fans would come aboard if they knew about the site and figures.

    I think they start in issue 3 or 4 as well as some Justice League and Before Watchmen titles.
    diamond comics distributors

    Hi I was just wondering why MOTUC is not offered through diamond.
    It seems to me like the best way to get MOTUC out there in comic shops along with the new DC comic.

    All of the toys on are exclusive to the site. We do not distribute to retail including comic shops due to the extremely low production runs. They are too low for any retailers to take the min order. Part of the trade off "between fans and Mattel" to get lines as diverse as MOTUC or DCUC (CIE) is to buy direct. In today's market with rising cost of raw materials and labor, the channel is really the best way to deliver such a high diversity of characters and build a complete collection.

    If MOTUC or DCUC was at retail it would only be able to deliver the top ten or so characters that moms and kids also know. The Matty lines that is collector focused is what lets us dig so deep in the character selection and really build collections.
    no more chase figures

    I know for some reason you believe we need chase figures ro recapture the thrill ofvthe hunt but we really dont. Part ofb how you sold the sub was that you need completists to keep the line going, something tha5 chase figures undermine, and the sub saves you from driving aro6nd looking for figures since you get them in the mail each month Hassel Free, again something chase figures undermine because only people with no life can sit around constantly checking to see if hordak is out of hiding. Last summer you had everyone worried there would not be a sub and then when it goes th4ough by the hair of its chin instead of not angering fans you pull bad ideas like chase hordak. Please stop it. An online toyline doesnt need chase figures.

    Appreciate the post, but remember this forum is for questions. If you have opinions please post in the regular forums. We do love to hear them. But this is not the proper forum for opinions and suggestions.
    Reasons for Early Access issues

    Why do you keep blaming the last minute addition of Spirit of Hordak for the glitches during Early Access? You also had to switch Evil-Lyn for Stinkor at the last minute because you suddenly realized you were out of Evil-Lyn, so wouldn't you have had this problem anyway?

    Evil Lyn and Stinkor had the same programing slot and were just swopped. SOH was not intended to be pat of the sale and had to be added which threw things off.
    Re: Early Access

    My question wasn't answered. While I'm upset I wasn't able to get SoH I'm aware i'll have more shots at him. What I'm concerned about is my (and many others') early access screens being devoid of product when we log on. Why is early access working for some but not for others?

    There was an error during May's EA sale due to the change when we added SOH to Early Access at the last min (per subscriber requests). We identified the error so that it won't happen again (we hope!)
    2014 Subs question

    First, THANK YOU! This is great news and I'll be subbing asap.

    Without revealing line up, can you tell us the size of the sub? Will it mirror 2013, in terms of 12 monthlies, and some mixed quarterly slots?

    It will be the exact same number of items as 2013 (noting the 4 quarterly items will have slightly different prices vs 2013 based on the configuration of each item) with the addition of a new 2014 $35.00 holiday item (i.e. Granamyr, the Windraider) that for the first time will be included in the sub because the planned holiday 2014 item is a vintage figure and we presume most sub holders will want it. One less item outside the sub for you!
    WHy only one more EA SOH??

    if he sell out again in less than one minute my chances to get him are almost zero again!

    at least make him appear 4 more times in the early acces to at least have the chance!

    He will be available many times but only once more for EA, and that will be his final sale of the year late in 2013. But keep a look out for him many other times. Remember, the first time he was up he was available for almost an hour.
    2013 Eternia Subscribers without Spirit of Hordak?

    I started collecting in 2008 at SDCC with both King Grayskulls.
    Big supporter of the line and subscriber since 2010.

    I will not renew my subscription for these reasons:

    Spirit Of Hordak
    Temple Of Darkness Sorceress

    Benefits to the subscriptions were always sold as ALL IN. People buy subscriptions to subscribe to everything MOTU. They commit to pay for an entire year worth of product.

    These chaser figures outside of the subsciption defeat the purpose. Shame on your Mattel for punishing the subscribers and the core customer base by releasing limited edition figures that people outside of the subsciption had access to simply because of being at right place at the right time when Hordak shows up.

    Just following up, taken directly from this page:

    Today’s your last chance to get in on our 2013 subscriptions! They’re better than ever and you won’t want to miss these sweet subscriber-only benefits…

    •Get every club release, including exclusive figures!

    I only really need Strobo and Spirit Of Hordak. I will gladly pay retail. But I need these for my collection, otherwise I will not be renewing next year.

    That is actually not true. When we sold in the sub it was made very clear it would not contain all of the figures.
    early sub reveal with early sub buy in

    How about this:

    You are opening the sub early, before SDCC.

    I assume there will once again be a thermometer to tell us how we are doing and if the sub will go through.

    How about if we hit 75%-100% of the goal you reveal a figure early?

    I don't think a physical early subscriber incentive like an extra map or sticker is needed but this could be a fun, viral way to get people to sub early and doesn't cost you anything.

    Sorry, but you will need to wait for SDCC for the figure names for Jan-March 2014. We opened the 2014 sub early specifically per fan request noting that we would not be revealing the Q1 figures until the show. That is the deal!
    blood tanks?

    Just was playing with Mosquitor and was wondering if the 4 horsemen sculpted the blood tanks? Would be cool in a weapons pack. Sorry if this was asked before.

    No, the tanks were never sculpted as we could not afford to include them at the 20.00 price.
    Love my Spirit Of Hordak. Thank you!

    I know you are getting both praise and complaints pertaining to Spirit Of Hordak, I was able to order him during early access and he arrived Yesterday I love this figure. I hope there are more fun chase figures outside of the subscriptions in the future. It may be frustraiting to hunt him down , but once you snag him you get that feeling you had when you found your most wanted figure at retail.

    Anyway thanks again scott and I'm really looking forward to SDCC's MattyPalooza pannel for the reveals. Please pick characters to show for 2014 that will make us all drool and want to subscribe? MOTUC's needs to continue in 2014

    Keldor: " HEAL ME MASTER! " " Heal me and I swear Allegiance to YOU! "

    Spirit Of Hordak: " SO BE IT "

    Awesome display!
    Less Than One Minute Sellout Time for SOH, Please Fix This

    I just want the moderators to know that I obtained this information from a MattyCollector Rep who had a supervisor authorize the release of this information and that I will not mention the name of the rep as I promised.

    This is intended for Toyguru.

    I was informed that the Spirit of Hordak figure (along with the Strobo figure) sold out in less than one minute. It was not even close to being one minute. That's just absolutely RIDICULOUS!. That's not even enough time to get through the log in page. That's even worse than the sellout times for those early 2010 figures like Evil Lyn and Moss Man.

    That means that you're not putting up enough figures for the Early Access sales. The sale should last at least a few minutes. If we can't even get past ONE MINUTE, then you all are obviously handling these Early Access sales the wrong way. I understand that you want to generate PR for the Matty website. But do you really want to do that at the cost of alienating the loyal fanbase who continually subscribe every year?

    Please Toyguru a good number of us are continually getting abused by the way you continue to handle these sales. Please allow more quantities of figures to be put up for these Early Access sales. We are even still dealing with glitches in the system. At least put up an amount that comes closer to lasting a FEW MINUTES.

    You are causing the ill will that is being felt by the loyal fanbase and the subscribers. The time is coming when the 2014 Subscription will be going up. Time to start making good. PLEASE!

    The first time SOH went on sale he was up for over 40 min. Both SOH and Strobo will be back multiple times. So just because you did not get one right now does not close the door. 2013 is far from over! strobe will be at NYCC, Power Con and Grayskull Con. SOH will be back when you least expect it. Keep checking back!
    fighting foe men

    what happened to sherrilyn armor being removable now it seems to be glued on

    It is not removable.
    Re: Early Access Spirt of Hordak

    I logged on hoping to score a Spirit of Hordak during May Early access only to find my credentials weren't being accepted. I have subbed for 3 years (across multiple lines) totaling thousands of dollars in product. I've always been happy with my mattycollector experience but this isue required I called the mattycollector customer service number. The person on the other end ask for my log in credentials, confirmed that I have infact subbed for the Club Eternia and was thus eligible to purchase hordak, and yet my Early access screen was totally devoid of product. They attempted to log on on their end using my credentials and wound up with the same result. I was told that this had been happening for a number of subscribers (and infact across toy boards it's spoken about openly that some people with subs who SHOULD HAVE early access can't access it). What is being done to fix this? The CS rep seeme clueless as to what to tell me.

    How can you assure your loyal "subscribers" that one of the most valuable perks of being a subscriber is not lost to them through no fault of their own?

    We can not. SOH is not guaranteed to sub holders similar to the Sdcc or NYCC figs. But not to worry, he will be back many times including one more EA sale for sub holders.
    New DC He-Man costume splitting fans

    I understand why Mattel is wanting to make He-Man's design fresh, contemporary and widely attractive to new fans. BUT many fans and collectors are not happy with the new Iron-Man-esque He-Man design that is supposedly "permanent". Is there any hope of a design that hits home for fans old and new alike?

    You'll need to ask DC. The Matty team does not work on the DC comic.
    A compromise of sorts (2014 SUBS)

    Would it be possible to perhaps give fans a list of 10 characters with one of the 10 being what will actually be the sub exclusive figure? The same was done with the "leaked" list a couple of years ago so I see no reason why it couldn't be repeated in advance without totally ruining the surprise ahead of SDCC. Throw us fans a bone somehow is what I'm essentially trying to say at least as a goodwill gesture to make people on the fence more likely to sub.

    Things change too often in the toy industry for us to do this. We just don't feel comfortable announcing anythingnthat is not for sure going forward.
    NA He-man New Hands

    Greetings Matty Crew, Will We Be Able to Take the NA He-man Hands Off and Put Them On the Regular He-man Figure? The New Hand Articulation Is Fantastic BTW, Will We See This on Future Figures? Hope So, Thanks Again for All the Really Cool Figures and All the Hard Work You Guys Put into Them.

    No, they are not designed to be removal like the heads.

    OLD STUFF!!!

    Early access IS NOT a solution. (Stonedar, Rokkon, Spirit Hordak...)

    Really i think early access cannot to guarantee the holders of a subscription to obtain ESSENTIAL figures of the collection MOTU, as Rokkon and Stonedar. I began this collection to obtain all the (original) MOTU, but after several years paying subscriptions and receiving some figures that I do not wish, now there exists the possibility that I could not obtain Rokkon and Stonedar. Then, Why do I buy a subscription? ANSWER: To keep the line alive. PLEASE, IS THE GOOD DECISION THAT YOU COULD GUARANTEE FIGURES TO THE SUBSCRIBERS. IS NECCESARY FOR THE LINE SURVIVE. For example Rokkon and Stonedar, or in case of others of my companions collectors to Spirit Hordak. If you create a paragraph of pre-purchase, you not only will make his clients happy, but in addition you will know in advance the minimal number of figures that you are going to sell. Also it will serve you as forecast.
    PLEASE, consider it. You can make the things well, and create a good future for the collection and his followers.

    I am grateful for his response to my previous post " Any Rokkon and solution Stonedar? " But I believe that the early access is not so good as it might be.
    A new option of reservation of exclusive figures is what I wish. To guarantee that I will be able to obtain to Rokkon and Stonedar.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Sorry, I'm unclear what you are asking. Can you restate your question in one short sentence?
    Scott, can you please consider slotting in Translucent Star Sisters?

    If it's not possible to release variant Star Sisters in their saturated Mattel Toys catalog decos, which were the most demanded versions, could you please consider doing translucent versions of them?

    All 3 prototype sisters in the American catalog had some parts that were translucent (Jewelstar: everything except her face, Starla: thighs, Tallstar: boots, hands and forearms), so it really makes sense for them to get this treatment.

    Here's what I suggest:

    Jewelstar: Translucent Red

    Fans can then buy an extra for customization purposes. (i.e. Remove Jewelstar's translucent head and replace with painted version. We can then paint hair desired color.)

    Starla: Translucent Orange-Red

    (i.e. We can replace thighs and legs on [first issue] Starla with translucent versions. Paint boots and star on shins appropriate colors.)

    Tallstar: Translucent Red? (this way folks can at least have red hair, boots, hands and forearms to use on their [first issue] Tallstar. Translucent purple might also be an option IF each sister HAS to be a different color. Then we could get purple thighs, though the thighs were never translucent on the prototype.

    Mixing and matching translucent red and purple parts for Tallstar would be the most ideal, but I guess it depends on how the various parts/groups were arranged on the steel molds? Not sure.

    Anything is possible but no plans right now
    Castle Grayskull mysteries

    One of the great things, in my opinion, about the original CG and the whole line for that matter where the small little added touches such as the monster grate sticker or one time characters in the mini comics. These minor things really expanded our imaginations.

    Now on to my question, would it be possible to add some minor secret/mystery elements to CG? Not sculpted items like weapons or hidden doors but maybe secret symbol or picture here or there? I think this would be a great way to pay homage to those minor things in the new line.

    Just a thought.

    You'll see a close to final Castle at SDcc this summer and you can judge for yourself!
    Grayskull and Orko Bio

    in the first Bio of King Grayskull it's mentioned that Grayskull felt through Hordaks magic, like in the cartoon series. In the Matty Fan Zone Section you can see now, that the Bio of the SDCC Grayskull Figure is updated with the Bio of the new figure.
    So right now there is so official source what happen to Grayskull. Is the old Bio still relevant or will come something new that refuted this part of the story?

    In Orkos Bio on the Matty page it's still mentioned that the powersword was splitt for 500years and not for 5000years. Has something changed or must this be updated, like you did for Tytus.

    Yeah we are a bit behind making sure all the online bios are updated. I'll pass this along!
    Why buy a sub?

    Could you tell why should we buy a sub when the sub doest grant us a complete collection?
    Most of us cant just keep refreshing the site from time to time and have faith that we wont loose any surprise figure!

    I bet manny sub holders feel betrayed because of this... And I know hordak spirit will come back... We all know, but for many of us whats most appealing to the sub that it free us from having to fight and search for the figures and be free to live our lives being sure our collections will always be up to date!

    This is not a negative comment, its a sincere preocupation from a sub holder, so please do reply.

    A sub guaranteed all the monthly figs, quarterly figs and the sub only fig not available any other way. You avoid sell outs and get early access to day of product. As noted when we sold the subs ( every year) there will always be non sub items as well like BP She Ra and Sdcc/special items in order for us to have the freedom to grow or shrink the line as needed.
    Spirit of Hordak

    To those of us who missed out on the Spirit of Hordak figure, will this figure be available again at any time in the near future?

    Will there be more surprise figures in the future to look out for?

    He will be back. But you never know when!
    Spirit of Hordak

    Too late?

    Why wasn't this figure announced?

    Will it be available again?

    To keep things fun and actual surprise fans. Toy collecting should be fun after all!
    Subscription Holder since 2010...

    ...and I'm missing out on "surprise" figures.

    Meanwhile my sub is being cancelled and charges are being duplicated on my account.

    Who was this aimed at? New customers? Can't see them clamouring for this figure. Or existing customers that are trying to keep this line going but get let down time and time again?

    When are you going to just sort your whole operation out and reward loyal customers with good service and access to the products that we for some reason still want to buy from you?

    Sorry, I am unclear of your question. Can you restate in one short sentence?
    Seriously thank you

    I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the spirit of hordak I missed out on him but I'm not pitching a fit like some people I just thought you would like to hear appreciation and thanks for doing something cool like this it keeps things exciting and keeps us as fans going (well most of us some people will complain no matter what you do) I hope we see more of this in the future

    You are most welcome!
    Castaspella's wheel

    I noticed you had her in box in your latest video! How is the wheel attached to her back? Thanks!

    A C clip around her waist.
    You guys really are fans making toys for fans...

    I just wanted you guys to know that fact is not lost on all of us.

    Spirit of Hordak is a fun surprise that totally gives me that "toy hunt" high that we get when going into a Toys R Us, Target or Walmart. This is a perfect way to accomplish that same feeling here on Mattycollector.

    Buying toys is FUN...Spirit of Hordak proves that.

    I missed out, but I will get one...Oh, I will get one!!

    Thanks for the kind words! I miss the toy hunt toy. Nothing like the thrill of turning the corner and finding that hard to find variant. This was a way to recreate that emotional thrill online!
    Hordak, again today?

    Will the Spirit of Hordak figure go on sale more than once today?

    Am I wasting my time hitting refresh every hour?

    Sorry, our lips are sealed
    spirit of hordak and strobo....i want themmmmmmmmm

    what a wonderfull figures and what a wonderfull surprise!!!! please...put them on sale again PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E im a completist collector and i want thouse rare figures into my collection!!!!!!!!!

    Both SOH and Strobo will be back. Strobo will be available next at Grayskull con in Germany and then Power Con and NYCC. Hordak? Well you never know...
    Ummmmm... Anyone from Matty Reading and Listening?

    Guys Seriously what is going on? This Spirit of Hordak Figure was Released today (05/08/2013) with NO kind of warning? Huh? This doesn't make sense, why would you even do such a thing to the fans/sub holders? First Strobo now SOH, what do you have Subs For excactly, Because its not for getting figures to the Fans that Sign up for it. I am not alone when I say I cant make it to SDCC or New York to get Strobo and Now You Pull Yet Another Stunt and Release a REALLY Cool figure like "The Spirit of Hordak" and Say "HaHaHa Yeah It was a Surprise and if we told you it wouldn't be a surprise!" That's Your Answer? You Show No Respect for Us Fans and with an Answer like that Why Would We Fight along Side of Matty to Support this Line? So Now Spirit Of Hordak is on Ebay for $100.00 or so, You really want fans to purchase Your figures through a secondary market? if that's the case maybe the people at matty are the ones putting these figures up for Auction on ebay. Get Your S@*t straighten out before you push us all away. This isn't funny, This isn't Cute, We are trying to support an Amazing Line of Figures but with this LACK OF RESPECT to the Fans........ You Wont Last Much Longer. Stop the Bull, REPLY to people Even if their Upset. Show us you guys really care and We'll Support this Line Until you Guys Want to Stop Doing it. Release the Figures Evenly or at least Allow the "Sub Holders" the Option to get EVERY SPECIAL/EXCLUSIVE FIGURE that you Produce. Start Thinking about the Sub Holders First, After All Without us...... You Wouldn't be making these figures anymore RIGHT??????????

    He is a non sub figure and will be available again. And as part of EA at some point during the year. But if you do see him, I wouldn't suggest waiting.
    Why can't all figures be subscription figures?

    Firstly, thank you for making the subscription available again last month. I finally purchased it as an easy way to pick up all the figures... or so I thought.

    I have since found out that figures such as Strobo, Rokkon & Stonedar and now the variant red Hordak are not part of subs and must be purchased separately, usually leading to sell-outs and unhappy customers.

    Wouldn't it make sense to offer all figures on the sub? You'd make more money and keep everybody happy.
    Instead, customers are angry and you are driving up prices on the secondary market. Surely you've seen Red Hordak (not to mention most other figures) on ebay already, upwards of $100.

    As a good portion of your customers are from overseas, this only makes the collection harder to get.
    I'm from Australia, so there's no chance of getting Strobo or Rokkon & Stonedar at any conventions, I'll have to fight for them when they're on Matty latter in the year, and they'll most likely sell out in 5 minutes. And Red Hordak??? Australian time, he was on sale at 4am. Do I have to spend 24 hours a day watching the site?

    Please do not take the tone of this post as angry. I'm just asking (and I'm sure many other would agree)
    We do like this line of figures. We enjoy collecting them. Can you please make these figures easier to collect?

    We've answered this a few times over the years. Essentially we need the creative freedom to grow or shrink the line as needed. This is explained every year when we sell the subs noting what the subs include and what they do not. Every year there have been non sub figures (like BP She Ra or Sdcc items).
    Spirit of Hordak availability question

    Is this something that we should look for over the coming days? Or will he pop up again in weeks, months? You don't have to say when, just a hint. LOL

    By the way, this is a great little surprise, Thank you! I know not everyone will appreciate it, but I sure do. (And yeah, I missed him today, but I'll get him. Mark my words.)

    He will be back. When? We aren't saying!
    Spirit of Hordak and Early Access

    I think the Spirit of Hordak is a pretty cool figure. However, I really want to understand one thing...

    In the subscription for 2013, the following text is posted:

    NEW! Early Access to Non-Subscription Products: In 2013, all Club subscribers get early access to all non-subscription products, regardless of brand! That means you’ll have the chance to purchase hot items not available through subscriptions before non-subscribers, like 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises 8” Batman™ figure and the Ghostbusters™ PKE Meter prop replica. Availability is first-come, first-served, so if products sell out to subscribers during the early access period, that’s it – no additional product will be made available to non-subscribers at that time. Have questions? Click here to learn more about Early Access!

    Given that the Spirit of Hordak is a non-subscription product, doesn't selling it before Early Access violate the whole concept of Early Access?

    EDIT: Since others are now turning this into a "let me out of my subscription, breach of contract" situation, let me clarify my position... I'm not asking out of anything or trying to be negative, I'm asking if there is some other category that is being created and just won't be covered by Early Access. For instance, the SDCC items are MOTUC product, you offer a pre-sale to pick-up at the con, then the con sales, then the Early Access for remainders, then the general access for remainder. However, there is still a defined Early Access period. This appears to not be something that is a pre-orderable thing, and it wasn't an announced product, so is there a new category being created and why? You could still do an Early Access and then have random posting for the remainder.

    EDIT 2: While I'm on it... why aren't evergreen items bundleable with Early Access items again? (I'd be buying more if I could save on the shipping)

    Hordak will be available as part of EA at some point. But if you see him, best not to pass him up.
    Suggestion for calming people down

    Thanks for the Spirit of Hordak. It looks awesome and I can't wait until it arrives on my doorstep. I never would have thought a simple repaint would bring me such joy. That said...

    People are freaking out about missing him, and I suppose that's understandable. Those of us that did get him saw the text that said he was going to be available randomly at short intervals. Those that missed him got no explanation whatsoever. Maybe some sort of official statement regarding this character (or rather, this program if it's something you're likely to continue) could be posted on the front page so people don't have to take other fans' words for it that he's coming back.

    Official statement: he will be back! But you never know when. Keep checking back.
    I would like to offer some advice

    Quit playing games with your fanbase like you did today with that Hordak figure. You do nothing but anger your fans when you 1) don't announce any new figure 2) put on sale without notice 3) play it off as "fun."

    I know it's hard to understand this, but regarding your fans, well, yes we collect toys, but we also have lives. When you have a sale, we make the needed arrangements to be around in order to buy your products. When you pull this kind of bad bad bad decision, you are basically giving us the finger.

    Whatever your excuse for pulling a lame stunt such as this, if you pull it again, don't suddenly wonder why sub sales are dropping off. My advice? Don't do it again. You only come off as d-bags, who enjoy angering your fans. There was no "fun" part of this, it wasn't a "reward" for those who got the figure, and I don't think your little games are worth killing the line over.

    So noted! We knew not everyone would be please, but hey, keep watching the site, you never know when Hordak will be back!
    ************HORDAK SPIRIT: MARKETING GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************

    I'm a sales rep in the toy industry and just wanted to say that the secret Hordak figure is GENIUS to increasing traffic to your site!

    I've been collecting for over 26 years and NEVER have I seen such an ingenious way to have more people check out a company's website. If this has been done before, I must have miss it because I haven't seen any toy company do this.

    Most toy companies market aggressively but like I said from a person that has over 26 years collecting, I have NEVER seen marketing like this and Mattel takes it to a whole new level! I'm just annoyed that I didn't think of it first! Smiler

    Your tactics to reel in subscribers was impressive as well but this Secret Figure Idea right here TRULY deserves to be praised despite the anger from some fans. Part of Sales and Marketing is knowing how to manipulate the market in your favor. By doing this, you have increased the Collector value of the line...truely Market Manipulation at it's finest.

    From one Sales and Marketing fan to another...SUPERB marketing tactic!!!

    We aim to please! Thanks for the kind words.
    Spirit of Hordak shipping

    If I΄m not totally wrong, the disclaimer in the Spirit of Hordak offering said that the item will be held back until 5/15. I just got my shipping confirmation, though, which puzzles me. I was hoping to get this figure together with my May sub figures and save on shipping quite heavily.

    Orders for SOH will ship separate. Not with a sub shipment.
    Make it stop. You have the power TG!

    Help stop the scalping!!
    Please let us know if/when more SoH figures will be available.
    The prices on ebay are insane and out of most people reach. (I've been a sub holder every year from day 1... Have I misplaced my confidence in Matty?)

    He will be back. This was not his only sale.
    A chace for more?

    Hi toyguru. Awesome idea with spirit of hordak figure. That is if i can get one. Anyway i think characters like this are awesome and of course i want more. Is there a chance for for translucent characters? Spirit of grayskull is in my mind.

    Nothing to announce now, we'll have to see what the future brings.
    Any Rokkon and Stonedar solution?

    TG, Will you make anything to create enough Rokkon and Stonedar? I really think is very important to create a page for the subscription fans, to assure that all the subscribers we should have access to at least one two-pack of Rokkon and Stonedar.
    Has you think on that?

    All of our Sdcc items will be avail on a special sale on Aug and sub holders will have EA to this sale.
    Spirit of Hordak BS

    I here to complain about the bright idea you guys had to release the Spirit of Hordak figure unannounced. Most people don't have the time to check the website all day every day just in case you guys decide to release something. Most of us have jobs so we can pay for these expensive figures. Exactly, what good did you think would come of doing this? You could of at least given your loyal subscribers a little notification. Now a lot of the true collectors that missed out will have to go to ebay and pay four times the original price if they want him. Do you guys enjoy watching your subscribers being subjected to that kind of nonsense? I just don't get it, especially when I thought subscribers were suppose to be offered early access at non-subscription items. So, other than the pleasure of watching your subscribing customers spend a ton more money to get a figure they missed out on, is there actually anything good that came out of doing this kind of surprise sale?

    Sub holders will have access to this fig at some point in the year through EA. but had we emailed everyone the surprise would have not been as impactful.

    Not to worry, he will be back
    Spirit of Hordak

    I know you guys were just doing something fun and that's fine. But people who are subholders should get every figure that is being released. That's the whole point of a subscription. They are very expensive and the whole point of it is to keep collectors from having to hunt figures down. There is no incentive to buy into a sub. if a person knows that they still aren't going to get every figure.

    Do you know how many more subscriptions you guys would sell if you guarenteed a sub holder every figure, including the con exclusives and "secret" figures.

    Please stop doing this. Just my two cents.

    That is actually not true. The sub only includes the 12 monthly, the 4 quarterly and the sub only fig. Other items like BP She-Ra, Granamyr, and SDCC/special items are not part of the sub. This was made very clear at time of purchase. We need the creative freedom to grow or shrink the brand beyond the sub as the market demands.
    Spirit of Hordak - Marketing Genius!

    Did you come up with the "surprise" or chase figure concept on MattyCollector? Without giving anything specific away, any other "surprises" like this planned in the future?

    I have to admit the move is genius in increasing traffic to the website. I missed out myself, but I am keeping an eye out for Hordak to reappear! Smiler

    I'm sorry that some customers are screaming bloody murder though. They don't understand the purpose of product marketing. The "Breach of Contract" claims are completely ridiculous! Collecting toys is supposed to be fun and some folks seem to take it way too seriously.

    Just ignore them and keep doing a great job!

    Glad you like!
    Hordak Breach of Contract

    As pointed out, the sales of Spirit of Hordak as a non-subscription item not being offered to subscribers as part of an Early Access offering are clearly in violation of the contract we aggreed to when we subscribed. As such, can we now have an option to opt out of our subscriptions, seeing as how you broke the terms of contract?

    The subscription includes the 12 monthly figs, 4 quarterly items and the 13th sub only fig. Other items like holiday items, extra figs (like BP She Ra) and con or special figs are not part of the sub. This was explained at purchase. We need the creative freedom to grow or shrink the line as needed with non sub items. There have been none sub items every year.
    Please reduce the purchase limit of Spirit of Hordak to 1

    Is it too much to ask that the purchase limit for Spirit of Hordak be reduced to 1 so that everyone has a fair shot at buying one? Do the high prices on Ebay actually help Mattel?

    Sorry, the limit will remain 6 on this one.
    Skeletor minicomic question

    After carefully looking at the latest minicomic, I can΄t help but notice that some of those kids that Songster is singing to appear to be child-versions of several of our heroes. Can you confirm it is actually Adam, Teela, Clamp Champ and Stratos? I would have never thought they are of the same age. Or are they different characters? Furthermore, there is a young Caligar, a Quadian, 2 girls with pointy ears and on the last page a girl that reminds me of Mara from the New Adventures series. Who are those? They all appear too well-designed to be generic kids.

    Some are generic kids, but Teela, Adam, Stratos and Clamp Champ are there too.
    Ignore the troublemakers screaming Breach Of Contract

    Scott Just ignore all the troublemakers screaming breach of Contract.
    People like Lemmy Caution & Vikor haven't a clue about how the line runs and what is breach of contract or not, they just like to make bold statements instead of asking Brand questions.

    I think it's a great Idea for Sprit Of Hordak and although I missed him yesterday i'll be keeping an eye out for him to turn up again. Keep up the good work and just ignore the people who come here to complain about breach of contract or that having a Subscription means they should get EVERY FIGURE made or threats of reporting Mattel to the BBB just because they couldn't buy a toy they wanted yesterday. These people are clueless since Mattel Legal would have told you if doing this was a "Breach of Concract"

    He'll be back. And when you least expect it
    Thank you for trying something different

    In previous posts, I have criticized Mattel's overly secretive sub model and DR's exorbitant shipping. I think it is right to give my positive feedback, as well. The surprise figure, which I missed and would not have purchased anyway, was a great, original idea, and a Hordak reprint was a perfect choice for the product offered. I am sure, despite some vocal detractors, the sale was a success. Thank you for trying to give customers new and different options, and great job in encouraging extra website traffic.

    Glad you like!
    Mystical Reapperance of the Spirit

    How about using the magical powers to be at Mattel and have the Spirit of Hordak reappear during the May early access. I missed out on him yesterday because I cannot be at a computer all day and need to work to pay for my subscription and I am hoping the Spirits will help all of us that missed out on him.

    Not in May's monthly sale, but he will be in Early Access at some point in the year. Although we can't guarantee their will be enough for every sub holder for every sub. If you happen to be lucky enough to find him however, I wouldn't suggest waiting or passing!
    Mini 2-pack Price

    What a FANTASTIC reveal! I sure was not expecting that. Now the question we all want to know of course ... how much?

    Also, are you looking at ways to get more characters out eventually or waiting to see how they sell?

    The set is 20.00.
    Is a Rokkon and Stonedar video coming soon?

    I guess it's not a matter of "If", but "When". So, is a Rokkon and Stonedar video where you show off how the action features work such as the snap-on rock armor and the warrior to rock transformations coming pretty soon?

    Yes, I filmed one this morning to post next week!

    Where are the packaged samples and bio for Octavia she will be in home in a little over a month and we still haven't seen her in package or her bio?

    Once we get photos back. We do have samples in, but she has not been shot yet.
    If the mini-figures do well.....

    To piggy back on Swifty 9257:

    If the minis do well on the day of sale would you consider:

    a) making more for on-line sale,or
    b) making a sub-line for them, or
    c) maybe trying to put them out in the stores?

    I think making them line-up with the app game is a good idea. My son likes the original cartoon series and loves the app but is not too crazy about the MOTUC figures. I think you could appeal to a younger market and put them in stores. Where's My Water, Angry Birds, etc. I see toys for those apps all the time and my kids want them because they love to play those apps.

    Love to do more. We'll have to wait and see for now.
    MOTU Monster High Evil Lyn

    Would you ever consider doing a Monster High Evil Lyn?
    Would make a great SDCC exclusive.

    A cross over would be cool. No plans right now but you never know.
    Thanks so much for Stonedar and Rokkon !!!

    I had Rokkon when I was a kid and I've always loved the Rock People. I never thought you'd actually get to them. Kudos !!!

    me too!
    Question about Castaspella

    Thanks for all the hard work on the line. Quick question, in looking at the prototype of Castapella, it looks like she will share Catra's left hand mold. Will this hand be soft rubber like Catra's or the harder plastic like the other hand molds?

    I think the reuse of this hand mold works well for a spell caster.

    It is the same hand but it does not appear as soft. I don't have a Catra and a Castaspella on me right now but I'll see if I can note that in a video or something soon to show fans.
    For TG - Comet warriors arm band in a weapons pack?

    Hi TG, I love de Comet warriors, just to make everybody happy could new leg bands for them be included in a weapons pack? This confirmation could definitly help to sell even more of this wonderfull two pack... Thanks!

    If you are waiting for that confirmation, I just can't give it. There are no Rock Warrior parts or add on pieces planned for the 2013 Weapon Pak.
    Are we really getting a Spectormobile?

    This was posted to both the Mattycollector Facebook page and as a leaked image. Is this real or just someone having fun with Photoshop?

    A cool fan custom. I'll take one!
    Leg bands for Stonedar

    Is it possible to slip on, snap on in a weapons pack?
    Or could you do a poll to make sure the demand there, because he really looks off . Thats one thing that makes him stand out compared to Rokkon

    Alas no. The red bands on the prototype were intended to be newly sculpted legs with that detail sculpted in. When the tooling bill came in we couldn't afford to tool new legs and we couldn't do separate rubbery leg bands (like Hordak has on his arm)as a slip on as that would require a unique tool just for the bands due to the material change. (the bands needing to be made of a softer plastic vs the rest of the fig if they were executed as removable slip on bands. That would have been even more expensive!)
    Stonedars red bands down the road?

    Is it possible to bring the red "Bands" of Stonedar (as clip-on parts) down the road in a accessoires-pack?

    The "red band" were actually dedicated parts of a new leg sculpt. Not a slip on part. That wouldn't work well. When the tooling bill came in we could not afford new legs due to all the tooling for the armor. So a new "leg with a red band" is not something to expect in a weapon pak.

    Scott, did your tongue-in-cheek idea of a "Spectormobile" came straight from Freakazoid's "toyetic" Hall of Freakmobiles in the 1995 episode "Freakazoid - 1x08 - Hot Rods From Heck" <-- on Youtube. One of the buttons in the purple car Freakazoid uses (called the "Freakmobile") has the words "Travel Time" underneath it. When speaking about your action figure, you said "He was a time traveler/teleporter first, but over the years he changed to many different roles such as a Space Captain (like Wedge Antilles) and a cartoony character (like Freakazoid) with loony toon like powers."

    While I love Freakazoid, no the Spectormobile was just something from my own adventures as a kid. I don't expect this fan custom package to become a real toy anytime soon.
    Is there a difference between Rokkon&Stonedar SDCC and the Matty one?

    Fantastic choice for the SDCC !!! I love it ! :-)
    Is there a difference between Rokkon&Stonedar SDCC and the Matty one?
    (sdcc sticker, color, blister.. ?? ) or are both versions the same?

    Nope, in this case this year there will be zero change for the MOTUC SDCC item from show and online units.
    Exclusive Rokkon-Stonedar Sdcc

    again legs Trap Jaw? it is very very heavy so reuse

    And He-Man's legs and chest haven't been used a lot too? MOTU has always been about shared parts, in the vintage line and in classics.
    Rock Warriors worry

    First off they're great. but when they're released on matty
    1 - will it be for early access?
    2 - Will it be limited like Strobo?
    3 - can there be some type of preorder for people not going to SDCC?

    Yes they will be available as part of early access when the SDCC items are sold online about 2-3 weeks after the show. The limit for all SDCC items is 6 per person per order on all items like we do every year. No, there is not a preorder. But you can get them day of when they go on sale in Aug along with all the other SDCC items!
    Rock Warriors!

    So excited to get them! Although worried they'll sell out before Matty offers them.

    Anyway, They look fantastic! Roack armor is removable! Too cool!

    Wondering if the back armor and armor behind the head comes off too??

    Thanks again!

    The arm and leg armor is removable as well as the extra "complete rock" part. The head and back armor is fixed.
    SDCC Rock Warriors

    So far so good! Awesome!

    Any other MOTUC items in store?

    Not for SDCC. At least not for Classics.
    Where's Granita?

    Just curious: do you foresee Granita being a character you will get to in the next couple of years? I don't want/need Rokkon and Stonedar without her.

    Maybe down the road, but no plans right now.
    Excellent SDCC figures...

    Now we just need a Granita to be perfect (a pack-in Facet would be amazing, too!)

    Adding her and making this a 3 pack would have made this a 90.00 item and that felt a little too high. Maybe we will get to her down the road!
    Rock Warrior Price

    Love the reveal. I'm assuming this 2-pack is $50 but didn't see it listed anywhere. Can you confirm a price?

    p.s. I will add my support for both Granita and Facet!

    It is 60.00. Both Rokkon and Stonedar offer a bit more vs a standard monthly (25.00) figure (such as all the extra rock armor), so they are essentially 30.00 each or as a pack, $60.00.
    The Rock Warriors are great but where's the 3rd member Granita?

    Decent SDCC item this year and they look very cool but where's Granita?. If you didn't want to do a 3-pack you could have packaged her solo.

    Most fans always seem to want the Rock Warrior trio so is Granita planned before the end of 2015?. She would of been perfect for the Filmation sub although I'm guessing there's no more females planned for it.

    What are your thoughts on Granita?

    She is a great character but we didn't want to do a 3 pack for SDCC or it would have pushed the cost for the item close to 100.00! Two 30.00 figure as is makes this a $60.00 pack already.
    Question about Stonedar

    Why does the figure not have red bands on his thighs but he does have on the back of the package. He looks real odd without them, please say he's going to come with them

    The lose figures are final. The cross sell image is (like with all figs) early prototypes that may include parts or deco not on the final fig due to cost. Production is actually complete and the figures are on the way to SDCC!
    Missing Rock Warrior

    While Rokkon and Stonedar look great where is Granita is she someone that is coming in the next two years?

    No plans to announce yet. Stay tuned.
    Greatest Exclusive ever, but.....

    Wow! I'm really happy to see Stonedar and Rokkon so soon after the reveal of Ramman and Mantenna!

    But where are Stonedars red bands on his feets? We can see them on the Cardback, but not on the final figure! Please say, that we will get them!

    And if not...., that would be a good piece for a Weapons Pack!

    Many figures could use red bands on there feets!

    Often times due to cost issues, figures lose some detail or deco from prototypes.
    WHEN you get to Granita

    ...please make sure she gets the full Rock Warrior treatment that the boys got. She must have the clip on pieces and be able to transform.

    Stonedar and Rokkon are perfect and nobody wants to see Granita suffer the same non-transformable fate as Jewelstar.

    Great exclusive, by the way!

    Love to get to her, but no plans to announce right now. Would be great to have even more rock people one day.
    Which figure is the final version?

    Love that we finally getting the rock warriors! However I wonder which versions of the figures are the final ones. The cardback version or the other? I really hope its the cardback versions as they look far superior with more details and smaller rock attachments. Theres a pretty big difference between them

    The lose figures are final. The images on the package are almost always of prototypes.
    HE-RO: SON OF HE-MAN story line

    Looking at the HE-RO:SON OF HE-MAN Bible a lot of things have changed with the new Bio's being added. With the new Bio's does this mean the old HRSOHM Bible is out an a new Classics Version of the story is in? How do you feel about Kay-La being Clamp Champ's niece?

    All MOTU cannons are valid. Classics is just one take on MOTU lore. In this case, a storyline taking the best elements from as many other cannons to create a world where the greatest number of characters (and hence figures) can exist. It is not meant to delete or take the place of any other previous cannons.
    Stonedar and Rokkon Thighs

    Where are the bands Stonedar thighs and Rokkon? on the card back the figures show these bands but do not appear in the other images

    Not every element could make it onto the final figs due to cost and often card back images are of early samples.
    King He-Man bio clarification

    In the bio of King He-Man it says:

    "He married Teela and together with their son Dare took over his father΄s legacy, as the new He-Ro, defender of Eternia and the wielder of the Sword of Power."

    This is an exact quote including all the punctuation as written on the bio.

    Now. This paragraph clearly indicates that Adam is the new He-Ro:

    "He (Adam) married Teela and together with their (Adams and Teelas) son Dare took over his (again, Adams) father΄s legacy (as king?), as the new He-Ro..."

    I always assumed it was Dare who would become the new He-Ro, but for that, the bio must read something like this:

    "He married Teela and their son Dare took over..."

    It΄s the "together with" part that totally confuses me.

    Can you shed some light on this?

    Adam becomes King He-Man, Dare becomes He-Ro II.
    Scychor follow-up

    Thanks for your answer, but I wasn't asking whether we'd be getting a figure of Scychor.

    You mentioned Terry Higuchi wanted to work on a concept of a pre-accident Cy-Chop. Some people were interested in seeing how Cy-Chop looked "originally".

    Something Terry has talked about but I don't think he has gotten around to yet. Maybe ask him next time you see him at a convention? I think he is coming to SDCC and will be around the Mattel booth.

    any news on Cy-Chop's look before his "accident"?

    No, no plans right now for a figure based on Cy-Chop before his transformation.
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    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    I hope and pray early access works better this time than it did for Strobo. I know lots of you got him, but lots of us that were waiting at the same time didn't.

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    Awesome, love the reveals and with no difference in the SDCC and Matty items, I won't have to try and get both!!! Price is good too, 2013 is shaping up to be awesome year!!!

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    That really sucks that he said there wont be another MOTUC exclusive. I was really hoping for another.
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    "Exclusive Rokkon-Stonedar Sdcc

    again legs Trap Jaw? it is very very heavy so reuse

    And He-Man's legs and chest haven't been used a lot too? MOTU has always been about shared parts, in the vintage line and in classics."

    Well Scott here you are right.... and slightly mistaken. Of course there is a tremendous amount of reused parts, but that's how they appeared in the original figures!!!

    For the most part and I may be wrong, when I think of classics, I think of getting the same styled figure I got from the vintage line as they appeared; minus modifications or alterations. Yet, I will admit for the most part there have been some figures in which these worked well such as Webstor, Buzz-Off and a few others which many of the 'orgers will point out. But I think every vintage 80 figure should have been a direct translation and the reuse of Trap Jaw's chins and But hey, I'm not saying I don't want them; CAUSE I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THEM!!! I think what it boils down to is as a purest, I want all my vintage to be exact as possible and especially hearing design team jumping in again and even removing the thigh bands.... UGH!!!! It may have even enhanced those TJ Boots "Design-Wise" if you think about it....

    As far as Granita, it would be interesting if she POP's up in the Filmation sub or possibly the proposed 2014 Filmation sub but I do hope we get to her and Facet as they have existence. The last one.... don't know too much, so I will stay my opinion and hey, maybe we can even get a.... BOULDARR???

    As much as I would've liked Eldor to be the exclusive and keep mainstays like the Comet / Rock Warriors in the regular sub system (and yes Orko and Prince Adam were exclusives, I know) I welcome two of my favorite characters back to the family!!! Well done Horsemen, Scott and Mattel.

    Quote Originally Posted by evenflow View Post
    That really sucks that he said there wont be another MOTUC exclusive. I was really hoping for another.

    Thank God cause 60 bucks is a well worth banger!

    And remember for those not going this will be available in Aug, @ the same time the subs go up for order with your monthly sub figure(s) as well.

    That enough for my wallet, just imagine those going to SDCC and are fans of things other than MOTU as well.
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    Frustrating answers (as usual, alas !)...

    They cheapened out on the rock warriors (heavy reuse of Trap-Jaw legs - which are totally different from what we can see on the old figures or in the rock warriors representations), just like they cheapened out on Castle Grayksull. It shouldn't be a surprise anymore, but it's still very disappointing. It makes me scared about future MOTUC figures like Modulok or Multi-Bot... Now, let's hope that there won't be QC issues with the rock warriors.

    The heavily reused parts got me thinking... I'm pretty sure Ninjor will be revealed at SDCC this year. He's quite demanded, he's vintage and he reuses lots of parts and even a weapon (Jitsu's katana), so I think he's a pretty safe bet.

    Granita... I wonder whether she'll be a SDCC reveal or not. Anyway, there are more important and cooler characters to get to before her.

    So, there will be a "He-Ro II"... The name is totally uninspired. However, we still have to find out what he'll look like in plastic form.

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    The Rock Warriors set has become laughable for me now.

    The leg straps are missing, but instead we get a bunch of oversited rock elements. Rock elements that still leave a hole on one side ("Just like you remember!"). For an actionfeature which most collectors just will try out 2 or 3 times before throwing the large rock piece into a box. And for that, they charge 60 bucks.

    For me, that's like releasing Trap Jaw without his green belt, but still charging 30 bucks because he includes the Kronis pieces.

    And comparing standard pieces like a human torso with the very specific-looking Trap Jaw legs and He-Ro boots? Come on!
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    I won't lie, the missing thigh bands has waned my enthusiasm. I was looking fwd to these guys for a LONG time, I loved the reveal but the thigh deco missing while not a deal breaker is a big let down. it seems lately even with the price increase scott is finding BAD ways to cut costs. the thigh bands are part of their design, its not an accessory like an extra head etc, again I don't get the logic, Dekker (whom I love) had a never before seen younger head (why?) but Netossa is missing a mask that she came with, and Jitsu is missing his 200X belt that a lot of people wanted, the rock men are missing a big part of their design while we get extra horde armour pieces not to mention big and elaborate accessories and deep new decos for the fighting foe men (a set thats not really been heavily requested AND characters that historically have NOTHING to do with the horde - none of their respective vehicles are horde vehicles and only ONE is a vehicle for the bad guys) Why heavily load figures that aren't that high in demand and short change the stuff that is??

    I guess now I will have to wait for whatever shapeways artist goes forward to make the bands. Though we shouldn't HAVE to esp since this price increase was supposed to eliminate the ****ing cut decos.
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    Honestly, I wish they would just up the price on the overall subscription and SDCC exclusive(s) to a level that *ensures* every character gets EVERYTHING they had in the original toy lines, instead of acting like "we have to crank out the figures as fast as possible, regardless of the quality."

    I'm so sick of the price going up, and then STILL losing out on deco, accessories etc. Pick a damn price where this doesn't happen!
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    I can't believe the price point on Rokkon and Stonedar is higher...and we still lost the thigh pieces. What the heck? That makes me sad. Also, I may be alone here...but I would have rather they come with a boulder and meteorite form, instead of being able to transform. That way, they would look better, have more articulation and the pieces wouldn't be over-seized. I would still like the rock pieces to be removable to get a semi-Filmation look for those fans. That's what I would have done.
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    $60 for the set.... Not sure how I feel about that. I mean, I'll get them but do they really include that much extra than the usual 'standard' sub figures? I mean Vykron did have a high parts count but apart from the rock pieces is there that much more included? They've got their identical gun thing and they're effectively 'cheating out' with the re-used Trap Jaw legs.

    Read: 'cheaping out'
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    Yay! The Comet Warriors will be available for early access!!! Happy day!
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    This is just sad. The Rockwarriors going up to 30 $ per Figure and still classic(!!!!) Designelements get cut but some new(!!) ones like additional rockparts can be kept?? I don΄t get it. Why not loose the additional rockparts and at least deliver a complete, prototype accurate Figure. Bad choice Mattel Design, bad choice.
    Stonedar an Rokkon look great as Prototypes. To look and feel complete they need their thighbands not additional rockpieces. Just my 2 cents.
    Prices keep going up and up and still there are small but necessary Designelements getting cut here and there. First Netossas mask now the thighbands. What will be cut next?

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    In response to all the complaints about Trap Jaw legs reuse here, they certainly were not going to sculpt new legs that matched the vintage ones with the rock parts molded on. We would have rioted because the legs didn't look like, well, legs! So what other MOTUC legs could be used? We do not have that many techno/armor-looking boots. The Trap Jaw leg allowed them to paint it in a way that most closely resembles the vintage color scheme.

    I know its been used a lot but I think it was the right choice here.

    To be fair, meaning Matty is not without blame here, I do wish the red thigh bands had stayed. I don't see how you look at the old figures and then the new prototypes and think, "Yep, those can go!" Also, in a line without action features, I would have preferred (as mentioned above) for the two warriors to come without rock pieces at all (eliminating all the hassle of how to connect them) and then include pre-molded, unarticulated "rock forms". We could have displayed them both ways while only buying one set!

    Still excited to get these guys as I loves me some vintage but dang. Wish they were individually carded as well. There were never any multi-pack box sets in the vintage line except for the giftsets and they weren't all new characters, which, for MOTUC, Rokkon and Stonedar are!

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    Oh jeez, thigh gate 2013. I think the transformable rock form (even if there is partsforming) is the most important part for these guys. Cutting red thigh bands? Worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prahvus View Post
    Frustrating answers (as usual, alas !)...

    They cheapened out on the rock warriors (heavy reuse of Trap-Jaw legs - which are totally different from what we can see on the old figures or in the rock warriors representations), just like they cheapened out on Castle Grayksull. It shouldn't be a surprise anymore, but it's still very disappointing. It makes me scared about future MOTUC figures like Modulok or Multi-Bot... Now, let's hope that there won't be QC issues with the rock warriors.

    The heavily reused parts got me thinking... I'm pretty sure Ninjor will be revealed at SDCC this year. He's quite demanded, he's vintage and he reuses lots of parts and even a weapon (Jitsu's katana), so I think he's a pretty safe bet.

    Granita... I wonder whether she'll be a SDCC reveal or not. Anyway, there are more important and cooler characters to get to before her.

    So, there will be a "He-Ro II"... The name is totally uninspired. However, we still have to find out what he'll look like in plastic form.
    How does one "heavily re-use" legs? This isn't Modulok. They each have two legs. They happen to have the same boots as Trap-Jaw and some other figures. So What? There's an incredible amount of new parts with these figures. The boots don't interest me in the slightest - and they look great. You cheapen the valid complaints about CG and make us look impossible to please by likening Stonedar's boots to the dramatic drop in size of the Castle.

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    I'd rather have the new legs than the guns. Now Rokkon and Stonedar have been compromised, artistically.

    We could always get the guns in the Weapons Paks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    I'm so sick of the price going up, and then STILL losing out on deco, accessories etc. Pick a damn price where this doesn't happen!
    Here, here! The prices went up to $25 to stop this from happening and Rokkon and Stonedar are essentially $30 deluxe figures but they still couldn't cost out the leg bands? That doesn't add up.

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    Cutting the new thighs with the bands was a bad move, it helps off set the rest of the parts reuse. Some of the decisions made by Mattel design really puzzles me. The 4H are master artists and to have Mattel design think they are at the same level and can mess with the 4H's work is just wrong.
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    The missing thigh bands doesn't bother me. The fact they are charging $60 for this pack and they felt they didn't have the budget to add the thigh straps does.

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    I'm passing on these, but the cheap out and attitude of TG are a constant disappointment.

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    New questions have been answered about Stonedar's legs and the Spectormobile!

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    It just seems odd to not make Fangman available, but have less popular characters like Karrati and Fighting Foe Men made available. I'm guessing Fangman was limited to try to boost Filmation sub sales, but it wouldn't surprise me if Fangman "overstock" shows up during early access one of these days.

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    While fending off the Shazam questions, TG answered more questions!

    Rokkon and Stonedar video next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    It just seems odd to not make Fangman available, but have less popular characters like Karrati and Fighting Foe Men made available. I'm guessing Fangman was limited to try to boost Filmation sub sales, but it wouldn't surprise me if Fangman "overstock" shows up during early access one of these days.
    I hope so.

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