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  • I still love it!!Couldn't be happier.

    55 47.01%
  • I'm a bit put off by some issues, but it's still worth the trouble

    31 26.50%
  • Feeling kinda meh, but overall the toys keep me in

    19 16.24%
  • Getting sick of how things are being handled. I am seriously considering bailing

    8 6.84%
  • I'm out. Not worth the trouble/expense/other issues

    4 3.42%
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Thread: So how do you feel about the line?

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    So how do you feel about the line?

    It's been a few years, the honeymoon phase is over, what are your thoughts on MOTUC?
    Strictly the toy line NOT the comic, not the brand itself, just the toy line.

    I voted 4. It feels like we are being lied to more, Scott makes some WEIRD decisions, and the cost is too much with international shipping, I LOVE MOTU as a brand and the horsemen generally deliver the goods way past what I expected and hoped, but management and expense have soured me on the toy line and collecting in a BIG way.
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