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  • I still love it!!Couldn't be happier.

    55 47.01%
  • I'm a bit put off by some issues, but it's still worth the trouble

    31 26.50%
  • Feeling kinda meh, but overall the toys keep me in

    19 16.24%
  • Getting sick of how things are being handled. I am seriously considering bailing

    8 6.84%
  • I'm out. Not worth the trouble/expense/other issues

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Thread: So how do you feel about the line?

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    I still love it!!Couldn't be happier.
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    Very, very happy with the line still.
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    There is definitely room for improvement, but I'm loving the line still. I've gotten tons of great figures. I've only had a couple quality issues and I was able to get replacements when it was beyond my ability to fix. I'm getting Castle Grayskull soon!!!

    I hope this line continues on for several more years and we get a Snake Mountain too! I look forward to each new reveal of figures and the next fun extra. (Voting for the fan choice figure, voting for who is on the box art, etc)

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    It has done everything right by me. Sure, I wouldnt mind if everything was perfect all the time, but then that's life.

    Honestly, it always excceds my expectations.

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    I absolutely love it!
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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