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Thread: Scene-The Secret of Chrystal Castle

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    Scene-The Secret of Chrystal Castle

    Back in the 80-ties Starburst She-Ra was released in Austria with an audio cassette with the titel "The Secret Of Crystal Castle".

    It was more or less an introduction to the characters (not included were Kowl, Castaspella and Double Trouble) and i think it was my first introduction to Peekablue, Sweet Bee, Entrapta and Perfuma.

    Those Princess of Power audio stories were kind of shallow and the characters were very girly and sometimes even childish and mean.

    Still i really loved that cassette and listened to it so often.

    A few weeks ago i remembered it and found it on You tube and listened. Which inspired me to do some artwork and in the end i came up with a whole picture. Itīs not the best but i havenīt done a whole picture for a long time so iīm not really satisfied but itīs a start (again).

    This scene shows Perfuma, Bow and Peekabue outside the whispering woods looking at the mysterious volcano. That volcano is the home of an unknown wizard who has Catra under his spell, she lives there two but in a cave together with Clawdeen.

    What they donīt know is Entrapta is listening up on their conversation. She is more or less a double agent for Catra in this stories. She is accepted among them but Perfuma is very suspicious about her.

    Itīs not a very dramatic scene but i always liked that part and the volcano so i chose that scene.

    For the characters i chose a different look for Entrapta. I gave her her prototype boots and let down her hair. In the end you canīt see that much but maybe iīll post all the characters individual since i drew them separately.

    Bow is very much like his action figure, he has some mini comics influences.

    Perfuma, is also very vintage inspired. She has some more details on her tights.

    And Peekablue is…well more or less my own creation. All though i sticked to her FILMATION hair style.
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