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Thread: Ecmagee1984 B/S/T Lego, Tmnt, and more

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    Ecmagee1984 B/S/T Lego, Tmnt, and more

    Prices don't include shipping.

    Predator Series 8
    Dutch with out jacket.
    Predator Series 7
    Big Red
    Lego Series 1
    Transformers G1/G2
    Neca Rocky
    Pre Fight Apollo
    Kenner Mask
    Kenner Bone Age
    GIJoe Vehicles


    Batman mini figures lot from the new batcave set. 30.00

    Underwater robot suit 20.00

    Prince of persia lot 20.00

    Mini Figures 3.00 each

    Big Slave one from ToysRus 60.00

    Tmnt Lot 15.00 comes with tmnt case

    Transformers Kre-O lot 3.00 each, bruticus with blast off 15.00

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