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Thread: Loose Frosta, Sweet Bee & Crystal Castle Furniture For Sale (US Only)

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    For Sale! Loose Frosta, Sweet Bee & Crystal Castle Furniture (US Only)


    Frosta (loose, comes as seen in the photo- hair had melted rubberband syndrome, so I ended up cutting a portion of the right side short where it was at it's worst, also has some yellowish stain on part of the hair where some of the rubberband was, the cape's rubberband fits loose under her arms and is crinkled a bit, the staff is broken midway down and not in the photo but I will include it in case you want to try to fix it or glue it).

    Sweet Bee (loose, comes as seen in the photo- not the original owner of this one and the previous seller had rubberbanded the ponytail with a pink elastic band that actually manages to match her wings and antenna- however due to age it is cracked- but the hair seems to stay tight in place, the wings as you can see are rather warped).

    Crystal Castle pieces: two chairs, the table/map, fireplace, and treasure chest (all in good shape- however the treasure chest I'm pretty sure had a gimmick that does not work due to very slight warping of the plastic).

    Would prefer to sell as a lot, but will sell separately. US BUYERS ONLY, PAYPAL ONLY!

    Tradewise, I would trade the entire lot for ONE of the following MOTUC PoP MOC: Netossa, Adora, Catra, Frosta, or a loose Tallstar.
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    Hey! I'd be interested in Sweet Bee, possibly the lot. Tried to PM you, but your inbox was full. LMK if we can work out a deal. Thanks!

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