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Thread: Selling MOC Original She-Ra PoP Figure

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    Selling MOC Original She-Ra PoP Figure


    I am offering, for your consideration, what I would consider to be the nicest example of a MOC, NRFC She-Ra figure that I've ever seen in my adult life.

    The card is sharp and clear with absolutely no fading, or major defects. The bubble is clear without any sign of yellowing. All original items appear to be present and accounted for. And the figure itself inside is a great example of the figure with nice paint apps on the face, bright hair and sharp, well-fitting skirt.

    A couple of notes for those concerned with the details that may not be completely visible from the picture.

    1) The bubble has started to lift off the card about half an inch on the upper left, directly over the illustration of She-Ra's face. It has lifted in such a way that you can completely see the illustration underneath. No tearing or pulling of the cardboard.

    2) There is a small bend crease in the bottom right hand corner.

    3) The card is not 100% flat. I believe this is due to storage. A few hours pressed under a heavy book should completely fix this issue, but I am mentioning it to give full disclosure.

    4) There's the remnants of a price tag, as you can see in the pic.

    That's it. This is an absolutely beautiful figure, but I am more of a loose collector so I've decided to part with it in order to fund another purchase.

    I am more than happy to answer any questions, or provide more pictures if needed.

    I don't have much feedback here on the .org as I have not done much buying/selling here. But you are welcome to look up my profile on eBay under "bass!".

    Please PM me your best offer or questions.

    Thanks for your interest!
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