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Thread: Anybody Watch The Nerdist?

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    Anybody Watch The Nerdist?

    Anybody here watch The Nerdist on BBC America? If so, I ask you, what happened to it??? Last year it came on as special hour episodes here and there and it was great. The whole hour they did nothing but talk and have fun with a nerdy subject:comics books, time travel, etc. It's now on every week as a series, but they've changed the format. Instead of spending the entire hour talking about cool subjects, they bring out guests who do nothing but talk about their lastest projects (in other words, just like every talk show) and the show's essentially become an hour-long commercial for whatever movie or show they're plugging. And, for some reason, they sacrifice the last 15 minutes, which they could use playing some game or talking about nerd culture, and bring out some no-name stand-up comedian (usually british) that, at best, gets pity laughs through their whole routine. It's just sad. Yet another example of a show that was once unique and cool that's been turned into the same bland commercialized paste we're all suckling on. Your thoughts?

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    Couldn't agree more. I never listened to the podcast, so I came in cold. These shows so far are freaking PAINFUL!!! Those "comedians" are some of the worst attempts at trying to be funny I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure I can sneeze more comedy than these people stay up nights for weeks to fail to create. When a show has Michael Rooker as a guest and its not cool to watch, then you have failed big time.

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