Iīm curious. Since the members of the Great Rebellion are joining the good guys on Eternia who would you guys think could be a fair opponent?

I came up with a few:

Perfuma vs. Stinkor- with her flower creating her own scent she is not affected by his power.

Frosta vs. Icer- what ever he has to offer she can hold against him.

Mermista vs. Draego Man- his wings are no advantage against her and with her water powers his fiery breath and weapons can do her no harm.

Peekablue vs. Scare Glow- she can fight with eyes closed and can foresee when he will use his powers, i also think she is more a far distance fighter with a great aim!

Sweet Bee vs. Webstor- obvious. Insect against insect but donīt forget her sticky bee net powers!

Extendar vs. Entrapta- again obvious and very shiny!

Kitrina vs Catra- two female felines fighting. Period.

Who else?