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Thread: Do you wish you would have subbed in 2013?

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    Do you wish you would have subbed in 2013?

    So to follow up on the 'are you glad you subbed in 2013' poll, what about folks who didn't sub in 2013 - do you wish you had? Curious to see if there's anyone that didn't that now wishes they had.
    Right or wrong, buying a sub tells Mattel you want more MOTUC figures. Not buying does tells them you don't. Don't let MOTUC end early because you might not like their marketing strategy! Plus polls show you won't regret subbing!

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    Nope, still okay with not subbing in 2013.
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    No, I'm really glad I didn't buy a sub. I'm glad people finally got figures like Ram man, Jitsu, and Octavia, but the only figures I want in 2013 are Castaspella, the Shield Maiden, and Sky High.

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    I did sub & glad i did. even if i did buy 2 subs
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