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Thread: Custom Zodak "Neck Armor" and removable helmet!

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    Custom Zodak "Neck Armor" and removable helmet!

    Hello all. First, don't pay too much attention to my damaged Kevin Kosse Zodak head. It's just a stand in until I can obtain an official version.

    I have really liked the Classics Zodak figure since it came out and I didn't mind the reuse of the He-Ro loincloth piece but I was very disappointed that we didn't get the neck armor piece for the figure. With the release of the official head, the figure looks much better but I think it still needs the armored piece around his neck to look more complete. With that in mind, I decided to sculpt this piece for when I do get the Zodak head. The head needs to be removed for this to be popped on but it has an exact fit to the armor and neck and does not move or flop around when it is on the figure. The Zodac/Zodak armor is asymmetrical so this piece is slightly offset.

    As you can see, I also hollowed out the Zodak head so that he will be able to wear his helmet. I had a custom head by Kevin Kosse that was a little chipped up, so I decided to use it as a stand in, in order to get the helmet to sit low enough and look appropriate when worn. Since the Kevin Kosse head doesn't come with the chin strap part, it looks a little funny with his helmet on but keep in mind, once I can obtain an official Zodak head, this helmet should sit correctly and the sculpted on chin strap will make this helmet look much better when worn by the "Mystic Enforcer" himself.
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