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Thread: Snake Face's new snakey face.

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    Snake Face's new snakey face.

    I was never a fan of Snake Face. Didn't have the figure as a kid, didn't really like the look of the new one, blah blah. I thought about trading him away, but since Vikor needs some Renegade Snake Men to fight (read your bios, kids!) I thought I'd try something out here.

    Obviously it's just one of the heads off of the army builder two-pack painted to match Snake Face's body, more or less. The green is my first attempt at dry brushing. It was really tough to get the paint to stick to his eyeballs, and it was even harder to get a corner of a sheet of sandpaper in there to rough them up to help that process. I think I'll pick up a Dremel.

    Anyway, I don't know this guy's name yet. Maybe he doesn't have one; he could just be a leftover Snake Man that Vikor wipes out on his way to do battle with the Fighting Foe Men.

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    Threesnake? (lame pun on Tree snake and the fact that he's a snake with two snakes on his arms)
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    He's very cool! The more Snakemen, the merrier!

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    Oh wow, nice job matching the paint!
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