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Thread: MOVING! Need professional movers suggested

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    MOVING! Need professional movers suggested

    I'm moving back home with my parents from a 1 bedroom apartment and I'm trying to find a cheap moving company. I plan on doing all of the packing myself, but I cannot move anything myself because I have a bad back,

    Can anyone suggest a good moving company that is VERY reasonably priced?

    I'm moving from Richmond, VA to New Castle, DE

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    My Grandparents just used Two Men and a Truck and were happy. Otherwise ya could get a U-Haul and pay a couple guys to fill it....maybe your friends will help for beer and Pizza!

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    Ise angies list.
    This will give u feedback from customers in your area.

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    I'd check out Groupon

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    I used to be a professional mover and here are my suggestions:

    1. Always get 3 estimates from a reputable moving company.
    2. Go to to find insure professional movers.
    3. Don't always go with the cheapest estimate.
    4. Ask how they handle claims if something gets damaged.
    5. Real movers will give a pamphlet called "Your rights and responsibilities."
    6. Get a bill of lading and estimate sheet.

    I used to be a salesman for Atlas van lines All Season Movers

    Good luck and if you have anymore questions PM me.

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    Yea, as mentioned Uhaul or a similar rental outfit is going to be your absolute cheapest option since all you're really paying for is the truck, gas and mileage. That is, as long as you can scrounge up a few friends to help you on both ends and don't mind driving the truck. The drive itself isn't all that bad either so it's defiantly doable.

    The moment you get any sort of moving company involved you're going to be paying for all that I listed above PLUS much more as many other costs are involved.

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