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Thread: Help me with the last 11 MOC MOTU I need!

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    Help me with the last 11 MOC MOTU I need!

    It has been a dream of mine for over a decade to have a complete MOC MOTU figure collection. Don't worry, I'm not including the Euro Four. I also don't include the deluxe variants (Terror Claws Skeletor, etc.) though I do want them eventually.

    What I am focusing on is the single carded collection, the 57 (or so?) figures that make up the backbone of MOTU. I am down to 11 so I am calling out to my fellow Orgers to help me out! I'd prefer C8 condition or better, AFA or not does not matter, with mostly clear bubbles. However, ALL of this is negotiable! If you have a great deal on a He-Man, for example, but the card is terrible - LET ME KNOW! Never hurts to talk it out and, if the deal is too good to pass up, then I can always try to upgrade later.

    So here we go - the FINAL ELEVEN! That does not have a nice ring to it. THE ECLECTIC ELEVEN? The ETERNIAN OCEAN'S ELEVEN? See I need to get some of these so I can move onto the TERRIFIC TEN and the NEEDED NINE and the ELITE EIGHT. Eleven is just too tough! Anyway...

    1. He-Man - Obviously going to be tough to get and expensive. 8-back, 12-back, "The Original", it's all good. I'll look at whatever you got!
    2. Stratos - The other O8er I still need. I see him a lot but not with a mostly clear bubble. 8-back, 12-back, either wing color, whatever works.

    3. Whiplash
    4. Kobra Khan
    5. Snake Face

    My "Green Three" as I call them. Had a Snake Face once but lost him to a postal disaster. The other two seem sort of common but not with mostly clear bubbles.

    6. Blade
    7. Saurod

    Just got a Gwildor but still need his movie pals.

    8. Prince Adam
    9. Orko

    The "Filmation Two". Again, I see them a lot but with yellow bubbles. I know it seems all bubbles will go yellow eventually but I'm looking for very slight yellow or just slightly darkened clear plastic, not "movie popcorn buttery topping" yellow.

    10. Battle Armor He-Man
    11. Battle Armor Skeletor

    Yeah, these are variants as well but I actually prefer BA He-Man to the original He-Man. The armor just seems like something he would wear and use against Skeletor. With Skel, I just always though he was much more of a sorceror and would not wear this stuff. Anyway, they are single carded, so I count them though BA Skel is ranked 11 for a reason.

    Also, just to add this, I would love to find a Jitsu with a mostly clearISH bubble as mine is like amber.

    Thanks for looking and I hope to hear from some Orgers looking for new homes for some of these!
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