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Thread: Official 'Spirit of Hordak' Help Thread (Buy/Trade/Sell)

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    Official 'Spirit of Hordak' Help Thread (Buy/Trade/Sell)

    Hey guys & gals,

    Given that a few threads have popped up here and there, I'm going to put this thread up much as I did for the Manta Raider that was available last fall at Power Con. I'm going to put the names of people that have posted thus far, and also what they have to trade if applicable. Please note, that while I'm putting these names up in order of their respective threads they posted, this doesn't necessarily mean that deals could be done in order. Some people might have done a deal or two with several people that are farther down on the list and might choose to go that route. Hope the mods don't mind this, so with that being said here we go:

    List of those wanting the figure:

    *greenstar1981 (Will have an extra Strobo to trade) **PENDING trade with Ben Solstice-Moon**
    *undeadplastic2711 (Has loose/mint Fang Man and loose/mint SDCC He-Ro with Purple Gemstone for trade)
    *Evil Lord of Destruction
    *SunDevil (Has MOC Battle Ground Teela and possibly others to trade)
    *hadley (Has MOC King He-Man plus wanting complete Bow, Kobra Khan, or Zodak in trade)
    *dark knight (Has Matty King Grayskull to trade)
    *Robertytus (Check pics of his album to see items for trade; offering cash as well)
    *darthdrew13 (Looking for Hordak without the white crossbow with cardback intact for which he's willing to pay $35 shipped, or still MOC with the crossbow surgically removed. Check link in signature for items available for trade)
    *dukenny (Has 2 He-Ros & Stratos MIB to trade)
    *galaxysurfer (Will offer cash and MOTUC Mer-Man)
    *Mavericius (Has Strobo, European trader a preference but not a must)
    *Omen (Would like to buy at cost)
    *SorceressSon (Looking for 3, has MIB 1st run Swiftwind, Frosta loose/complete, and MOC Queen Marlena for trade)
    *Eternian Knight (Has Ram Man & other figures to trade, as well as cash)
    *Nemisythe (Will have Strobo for trade after Power Con)
    *rcpax (Has several figures to do a 1:1 trade with, including King Grayskull V2, Jitsu, Battle Armor He-Man, & Stratos)
    *aceface11 (Has Ram Man MOC to offer in trade, from the UK)
    *JDubya88788 (Has multiple PoP figures such as loose She-Ra, Adora, & Bow to trade. Would trade multiple PoP figures for Hordak, contact at JER88788@YAHOO.COM for details)
    *Metalogan (Looking to buy a Hordak for non-subscriber price)
    *GFunny (Has the following MOC and with a Zoloworld Case: Unflocked Moss Man, King Grayskull v2, The Faceless One, BG Teela, BG Evil-Lyn, Shadow Beast, Horde Prime, Castle Grayskullman, Temple of Darkness Sorceress, Dekker, Fangman, & Map of Subternia)
    *AnnaMot (Looking for 2 Hordaks, willing to trade some of the first wave of Classics figures or pay cash)
    *cobrakahn (Looking to buy 1 SoH figure)
    *HordeMonkey (Located in New Zealand, will pay $35+ shipping for MOC, $25+ shipping for loose)
    *JAMESVEGAS Has Clamp Champ MIB to trade straight up

    List of those who have the figure:

    *Fright Zone (Shadow Weaver a priority, but also in need of Ram Man, Fang Man, Wun-Dar)
    *Ben Solstice-Moon (Will trade for Strobo) **PENDING deal with greenstar1981**
    *damiendvl99 (Looking for Strobo or Moss Man with flocked ears. Looking to trade 2 SoH for a Bronze Grayskull, and also has loose Beast Man, Teela, & Scareglow for trade. Open to all offers)
    *Man-E-Toys (Looking for either MOC or loose/complete Wun-Dar)
    *The BLAY (Has 2 available, entertaining offers)
    *StaticX999 (Would like to trade for Bizarro vs. Battle Armor Faker 2-Pack)
    *Kid Canada (Looking for Star Wars items such as Sith Lords Darth/Talon/Nihilus/Malgus/Revan/Malak/Phobos/Krayt/Nihl, plus Exar Kun, Asajj Ventress, Starkiller, Maris Brood, Astromechs except R2-D2, Ewoks, various Rebel Pilots, and various Legacy Figures with no bad parts)
    *brock_snyder (Has Spirit of Hordak available for $60)
    *keithfuchs (Looking for SDCC Barbarian Packout Vykron or Strobo)
    *hordeall (Would like to trade for Strobo)
    *Faker78 (Would like to trade for King He-Man + Subternia Map)
    *Wulff (Will have 2 Hordaks to trade, one each for a Strobo or Battle Armor Faker MOC/loose, though it needs to be complete)
    *philco_3 (Would like to trade for MOC Strobo)
    *bman (Looking to trade for a combination of at least 2 of the following loose figures: Adam, Adora, Cringer, Bubble Power She-Ra, & Keldor. Cash offers will also be entertained)
    *Wulf-Gar (Has Hordak, would trade for any 2 loose/complete figures consisting of Adora, Catra, TOD Sorceress, Octavia, Webstor, & King He-Man, or 1:1 for Strobo)
    *Kent Parker (Looking to trade for MOC Strobo, Queen Marlena, or Castle Grayskullman)
    *sdilks (Has 4 for sell/trade at $50+ shipping, and willing to trade a Hordak +cash for Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe/Red Alert/Soundwave)
    *jerec350 (Would like to trade for Strobo)
    *Jedi_Master_Jeremy (Looking for Strobo)
    *dagodfather (Would like to trade for Rattlor or Kobra Khan, would also entertain trades for Tri-Klops/Webstor/Beastman/Teela)
    *Thorek (Would like to trade 2 Hordaks for 2 SDCC Monster High Webarellas)
    *Red Trinity (Selling 2 Hordaks, entertaining offers)
    *Mermista (Has 4 Hordaks available for $50 shipped within the U.S. only via PayPal)
    *ClassicsRule (Looking for parts from the vintage Eternia Playset, specifically 2 or 3 flag poles, the wrench piece that attaches to the back of the Central Tower lion's jaw to make it open/close, & the square brown ramp that leads to the lions head on Central Tower)
    *Lord_Of_Destruction (Will trade for set of Horde Troopers, Sky-High w/Sky Sled, or Mantenna)
    *Beastmangler (Would trade for Rokkon/Stonedar 2-Pack)
    *NexMonastica (Has 3 available MOC, and would do a 1-1 trade for MOC Flocked Moss Man/Roboto w/uncracked chest/Scareglow/Whiplash/King He-Man/Battle Armor Faker, Faker being loose & complete. Would also trade all 3 Hordaks for a Teela & Fisto)
    *shadowfall1976 (Has one available for $55 shipped)
    *GozzoMan (Located in Italy, would like to trade for Two Bad)
    *jzachery (Looking for Roboto/Gygor/Wun-Dar MOC, or a combo of any 2 of the following consisting of Weapons Pack 2/Tri-Klops/Trap-Jaw/Battleground Teela/He-Man/The Goddess/BP She-Ra MOC/Shadowbeast MOC, the loose figures needing to be complete. Would also entertain trades for vintage loose Thundercats in great condition and complete, from Panthro/Cheetara with Wily Kit/Jaga/Ben Gali/Lynx-O/Pumyra)
    *fisto power (Has 5 Hordaks, looking to trade for Clamp Champ/Strobo/SDCC Rokkon & Stonedar/Granamyr/Flocked Moss-Man/SDCC Orko, or 2 Mini Masters sets or NECA He-Man/Skeletor or cash)
    *Aeruk (Would like to trade for Strobo)
    *Harbi (Located in Germany, has a Hordak)
    *Count Judas (Looking for loose/complete Wun-Dar, MOC Swiftwind, or MOC Clamp Champ)
    *Cilman (Looking to trade for Scareglow)
    *SHAEGGY (Looking to trade for Horde Troopers
    *He-Bro (Has one MIB, but will open and mail without the crossbow in trade for an undamaged Horde Trooper with his Filmation silver rod weapon)

    Will update this thread, of course, if more people are looking for help in obtaining this figure. If you're successful in either making a sale to another orger, or a trade, **PLEASE let me know so I can update this post**!!

    **UPDATED Color Scheme: Due to the drab, monotone color of the usual black font when typing a person's username, I've decided to enhance the list with a color code**:

    RED - People in need of a Hordak
    GREEN - A pending trade in the works (names will be removed from the list after each party receives their ends of the trade)
    BLUE - People who currently are in possession of a Hordak

    Victor P.
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