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Thread: this prob been asked many times but why did everyone on Filmation have dark eyebrows?

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    this prob been asked many times but why did everyone on Filmation have dark eyebrows?

    I recently sat down and watched all the He-man and She-ra filmation episodes on netflix I have to ask this one question why is it that everyone on that show had black or brown eyebrows ? just found it odd. did the shows creators or animators ever explain it ?

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    The only reason I can think of is that it took less time than drawing an outline and painting in the appropriate color.

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    It's not limited to He-Man & She-Ra. Or even Filmation that had the black eyebrows in animation.

    GBglide's reasoning is solid. It was faster for the animators to work with. Even in animated cartoons from the 70s characters had black eyebrows (be them blondes, redheads or whatnot).

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    Ha I never noticed that before, but yeah easy to see...blonde eyebrows wouldn't show through.

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    Another reason may be that it is a lot easier to make characters more expressive. There is not that much motion in the faces, so a dark eyebrow expresses emotions very quick and that can be a lot easier to be understood by the viewer. Just my 2 cents.

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