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Thread: I want a New 52 DC He-Man!!!!!!!!!

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    I want a New 52 DC He-Man!!!!!!!!!

    Toy Guru I know you are the Man, The main Man that gets the job done... ! Brother I Love the new 52 dc He-Man I would LOVE to see it in MOTUC form... New gold/silver form for the power sword /with sharp angles....I am excited about this very much. could you please make it happen!

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    I would love it as an out of sub bonus figure. (provided we actually know that it is going on sale )
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    Replies to this thread should be interesting...
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    I'd like one too, I don't actually mind the new design

    New 52 He-Man is cool
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    I am in support of his new look as well. I can roll with the change..for the most part, and I dont mind his new look at all.

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    Yeah I like the look too. I as well wouldn't mind an out of sub additional figure of him!
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    Maybe DC and Mattel could collaborate and produce one for SDCC. A friend pointed out that the issue with the new costume debuts in July.

    When I saw the press release, I thought: perfect sdcc extra.
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    Like the design, hate the current story line.

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    HELL NO!!! In NO WAY do I EVER want to see this new 52 He-Man in classics as a figure variant EVER!

    ...HATE these new character designs, and these new comics storylines!

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    Hurry up and make this damn figure!!! I'll take two. I like the design personally.
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    I'd rather have the original New 52 He-Man and I'd get a New 52 Teela and Despara.

    But that new armor? Yeech!

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    I want a new 52 sub
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Ozone View Post
    I want a new 52 sub
    Here here!!!

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    I for one would def buy the new 52 designs in MOTUC form. I know many people are concerned that by making new 52 designs, might take away from the regular MOTUC budget. Perhaps if Mattel will inform us that new 52 designs will have their own budget and that MOTUC will not be affected than everyone may be more open to the idea.

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    If they want to do these after all of the vintage, top 30 Filmation characters, mini-comic and all that jazz gets done FIRST, fine. But not until then.

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    I am a big fan of the Ed Benes Teela and would definitely buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tamusk View Post
    If they want to do these after all of the vintage, top 30 Filmation characters, mini-comic and all that jazz gets done FIRST, fine. But not until then.
    This! A hundred times this. Now is not the time to be introducing more variants and splitting off into yet another faction.
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