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Thread: Which Character Would Make You Quit The Line?

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    Which Character Would Make You Quit The Line?

    Just that - which character, if converted into plastic form, would make you drop MOTUC like a hot potato regardless of anything else?

    Would Yukkers as a full-priced figure do it?

    Or maybe an $80 three-pack of random peasant children in the series (like that archeologist's son)?

    Or perhaps you just really, really hate Ninjor?

    Or maybe if they released a He-Man "repaint" with almost no changes, but it took up a figure slot?

    Or perhaps Super-Might Spector, i.e. Mighty Spector with a power sword?

    Or maybe if Devilworshipman were released, you would find the line offensive?

    It's up to you! What single, specific, individual release would just End Everything for you?

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    Otherwise i would've stopped after the Star Sisters...
    As long as there are some characters I like left... I won't quite the line!

    I find it rather silly to stop collecting a line if a character I don't like is released.
    Just re-sell it of give it away and move on.
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    For me, not character, but characters. If the line was a full year of figures that don't fit the brand like (or similar to) The Mighty Spector, Sir Laser Lot, Snake Man-At-Arms, Filmation He-Ro series figures, and 200x He-Man variants, I'd give up.

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    I'll be there until the end and if there's somethin' I don't like I don't buy it or I'll sell it in some way.
    There's always an exit.
    Buy a lot of Spirit Of Hordak and use it as a bait with your unwanted figures!
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    I love this line and have no complaints. This is the first motu toy line that I am able to collect while it is currently being released, so I kind of feel like a kid all over again.

    I am in until Matty pulls the plug
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    King Hiss vs Serpentor ksensor's Avatar
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    But Madame Razz or Songster would make me come close...

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    This is exactly how the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man was born.
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    im in till the end...
    However something if like Razz or all the little crappy guys came out..i would just keep boxed and toss em in tote somewhere till i sell em..
    But i would never get out of motuc for any character..
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    None. It would take several stinkers in a row before I really started to question the line.

    And the stinkers would have to be pretty lame...not just characters I didn't want. The would have to be either cheap repaints or ones that don't fit into the MOTUC mythos. The three pack of peasants would be pretty bad. An individual peasant with multiple outfits/heads might make it onto my want list...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridureyu View Post
    Or maybe if Devilworshipman were released, you would find the line offensive?
    If Devilworshipman isn't revealed at SDCC, I'm quitting the line!!
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    If they announced a full year that consists exclusively of NA characters and nothing else I would have to think twice before subscribing again.
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    None, zilch, zero etc
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    Honestly getting a character wouldn't make me quite the line. Not getting a character will make me ***** a lot though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dedset13 View Post
    If Devilworshipman isn't revealed at SDCC, I'm quitting the line!!
    Remember that episode? That's the one where He-Man said, "By the Power of Satan!" and he fought against traditional values.

    Or at least that's what my parents said happened in the episode...

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    I can't think of anyone specifically that'd make me quit. I've been in it this long so far. Maybe once we get about everyone and they start rolling out nothing but background characters...
    Right or wrong, buying a sub tells Mattel you want more MOTUC figures. Not buying does tells them you don't. Don't let MOTUC end early because you might not like their marketing strategy! Plus polls show you won't regret subbing!

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    None. I want obscure characters and even generic peasants would be fantastic.

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    Depends on how much figures I already got.

    If Mattel don't produce awesome old school looking characters anymore, I think, that would be the time I'll quit...

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    K a r g !!!!

    He is the worst character I can think of, not even an all NA sub would be as bad as him
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    FOr me it won't come down to a disliked figure issue, it'll be a money issue, or it will be a I have all I want issue.
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    NONE. It's all MotU for me…GIMMIE IT ALL!
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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    Enduring figures like the Star Sisters and Spector, I may be bulletproof.
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    I can do without RioBlast but I won't quit the line (as much as i would prefer obscure never before made figures and concepts)/
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    There are a few figures I would boycott if they were made though. SkeleTeen, for example. I have absolutely no interest in anything from that "Son of He-Man" pitch. Or those awful He-Man & Teela variants from the new DC crossover comic.

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    nothing. I'm in this for the long haul LONG LIVE MOTUC's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    None! If I don't want it I don't buy it. I have freedom of choice because I'm not a sub-scrub.
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