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Thread: Fs,Ft motuc teela, whiplash, beastman, faker

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    Fs,Ft motuc teela, whiplash, beastman, faker

    I'm willing to trade any one of these for red hordak spirit figure otherwise private message me fair offers.

    Teela loose complete with card back
    Whiplash opened complete I just carefully opened the package along the bottom to remove and reinsert the tray
    Moc the original burst beastman
    Faker loose complete first run with cardback
    Karatti moc
    Fighting foe men mib

    please release accurate Filmation of-- Fisto, roboto, kobra khan, grizzlor, mantenna. Leech, entrapta, , moss man, icer , buzz off, whiplash, webstor, prince adam, rattlor, mekaneck, stratos ram man, frosta, bow, shadow weaver, catra, catra frosta, panther form ,Mermista, glimmer, Angela and perfuma.

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    you have a pm

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