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Thread: Two-Knight, dual dueling danger!

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    Two-Knight, dual dueling danger!

    It all started with an attack at the Eternian Theater by none other than Skeletor himself. Though Orko managed to deflect the magical blast away from King Randor two performers were caught in the blast and merged with a suit of stage armor to become the fearsome Two-Knight! Now Eternia has twice the danger in it than before. Created as an original character Two-Knight was made from a MOTUC Extendar body, Flogg arms, and Dactus armor. Shoulder armor from a Kiss Psycho Circus figure became the comedy/tragedy faces allowing for different expressions. Armed with a double ended axe and sword Two-Knight is ready to dual duel with He-Man!

    For more pics head to his page here--> Two-Knight

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    Top Ten MOTUC wants: Sagitar, Great Black Wizard, Fang-or, Dragstor, Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors, Despara, Odiphus, Illumina w/Sleetah, Lady Slither, Tuvar & Baddrah 2-pack

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    Really dig the armor.

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    I like everything but the head

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    Love the idea of Ancient Theatrical Masks for his face!
    FINALLY!! GLIMMER IS IN MY SHELF!! Now I need a Crita!! Crita is to Mara what Evil Lyn is to Teela. If we ARE getting Mara, then we NEED Crita.

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